David Etim: Ph.D. Candidate, Recipient of 2016 NNSA Graduate Fellowship

David Etim, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. 

Currently a Ph.D. candidate studying in computer science and engineering, David Etim is a recent recipient of the 2016 National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Graduate Fellowship.  David has a strong interest in data analytics as well as development of applications that utilize the extraction of information from various documents. During his tenure at NNSA, David will work in the NNSA Office of Advanced Simulation and Computing, where he is to contribute to overseeing procurement of the most advanced high performance supercomputers for the NNSA National Laboratories across the country as well as identifying characteristics of next-generation platforms to procure necessary resources. David will also participate in improving high resolution 3-D Multiphysics simulations in support of the NNSA mission.

After David earns his Ph.D., his goal is to continue his career into Federal employment and make use of his skills and computer science background to facilitate cutting-edge projects that will serve the objectives of respective government agencies.

For more information about the NNSA fellowship, please visit http://ngp.pnnl.gov/.