Dental School Hosts Demonstration of Army’s Humanitarian Mission Capability

Maj. Michael Filipowicz helped organize the U.S. Army Medical Department’s visit to the UConn Health Center. (Photo provided by Michael Filipowicz)

Maj. Jim Lussier, D.D.S, was the main speaker during the U.S. Army Medical Department symposium. (Jennifer Beardsley/UConn Health Center Photo)

The UConn School of Dental Medicine held a symposium featuring the U.S. Army Medical Department and a showcase of its approach to global humanitarian missions.

“We’re always looking to attract the best and brightest medical providers our nation has to offer,” says Maj. Michael Filipowicz, officer in charge of U.S. Army Health Care Recruiting in Wallingford. “Based on our unique capabilities, we can respond to crisis situations anywhere in the globe, faster than any other organization.”

Educators, students, medical providers and medical and dental residents spent part of Wednesday in the Keller auditorium and lobby to learn about the Army’s role in humanitarian missions and the advanced technology used for that purpose. The program included a hands-on display of some of the equipment used in disaster management and humanitarian operations.

The medical response is a single aspect of the planning and execution of such missions, Filipowicz says. “The United States Army is an expert in mobilizing and deploying fully functional ‘mini-cities’ anywhere in the world.”

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