Health Center Names Deckers Employee Appreciation Award Winner

2012 Employee Appreciation Awards
Wendy Martinson, quality assurance specialist, is recognized for her passion and commitment for her work.


2012 Employee Appreciation Awards
Wendy Martinson (center) accepts the 2012 Dr. Peter J. Deckers Employee Appreciation Award at the UConn Health Center. With her is Dr. Peter J. Deckers (left), retired executive vice president for health affairs and dean emeritus of the UConn School of Medicine, and Dr. Frank Torti, the current EVP and medical school dean. (Tina Encarnacion/UConn Health Center Photo)

The winner of this year’s Dr. Peter J. Deckers Employee Appreciation Award is Wendy Martinson, registered nurse and quality assurance specialist at the UConn Health Center. Martinson received the award during a ceremony today hosted by Know Better Place.

This is the fourth year the award has been given to an outstanding employee who consistently demonstrates passion and commitment, going above and beyond to help meet the goals of the Health Center.

Ann Marie Capo, chief quality officer for John Dempsey Hospital, wrote in Martinson’s nomination letter:

Wendy has a passion for her work, which is contagious. She leads by example and her approach is both collaborative and creative.

She quietly pursued her vision for the care delivery model she created. She has spent countless hours of her own time to develop posters, speak at various local and national conferences, and host an annual conference at JDH for health care professionals interested in learning from our success in treating this particular patient population.

Wendy approaches her work in a caring, competent manner that is also motivating. She is inspiring to watch in action as she makes difficult tasks appear easy because of her approach to her work.

Martinson and her colleague Dr. Jason Ryan have received national attention for their outstanding work with the Heart Failure Program, from the University Health Consortium and the Institute of Healthcare Improvement.

2012 Employee Appreciation Awards
(left to right) Dr. Peter Deckers, retired executive vice president for health affairs and dean emeritus of the School of Medicine; Dina Plapler, UConn Foundation; Grace Boucher, award nominee; Wendy Martinson, award winner; Dr. Frank Torti, EVP and medical school dean. (Tina Encarnacion/UConn Health Center Photo)

“Wendy exemplifies what real leadership is all about and what an outstanding employee is all about,” said Dr. Peter Deckers, former head of the UConn Health Center and medical school dean. “She gives freely without expecting anything in return and she’s a kind sensitive caring person and a very special human being.  We thank her for her work here at the Health Center.”

This year, senior leaders from throughout the Health Center were asked to nominate one exemplary employee representing their division. Committee members reviewed and scored each nomination application based on 10 award criteria.

The UConn Foundation honors the winner with a monetary award of $1,000. In addition, his/her name is inscribed on a perpetual plaque.

Two other employees were also nominated and recognized:  Grace Boucher, director of quality and performance improvement with the UConn Medical Group, and Michael Vasquenza, information technology manager for Correctional Managed Health Care.

A special PAWS ceremony was also held today to recognize and honor employees who consistently perform above and beyond the expectations of their job.

The PAWS recipients are as follows:

James L. Birks                          CMHC-Bridgeport – Medical

Andrew J. Blasco                      Clinical Engineering

Dominic M. Cianciolo                Clinical Engineering

Joann LaMere                           Human Resources

Sandra L. Leba                          Human Resources

Deborah J. McMahon                Radiology

Antoni S. Piotrowicz                  Clinical Engineering

Michelle Sandore-Shea             UMG – General Dermatology

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