Sustainable UConn

By Rich Miller

How our values about the environment, clean energy, and social responsibility are greening the Husky Blue. Rich Miller is director of the Office of Environmental Policy.

Monthly Archives: September 2012

Sustainable Energy at Freiburg Uni

Knowing from my research in preparation for this trip, and now from my conversations with local officials, how much people look to the region for its unique solar and renewable energy technology cluster, it was easy to understand why Freiburg Uni has responded by developing strong academic programs that educate future green industry entrepreneurs, leaders,… continue reading
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Germany’s ‘Solar City’

What would you expect from Germany’s “solar city?” Taking advantage of the fact that it’s located in the sunniest region of the country – a relative distinction compared with the often cloudy and cool northern Europe – Freiburg has installed more solar panels than any other city in Deutschland, and more than many countries in… continue reading
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Getting Around by Bike in Freiburg

Preparing for my trip, I had read that Freiburg, a large college town by any standard (population 220,000), and an increasingly popular tourist destination for all of Europe, the U.S. and other parts of the world, was not only Germany’s “solar city,” which makes sense given that it enjoys more sunny days and has more… continue reading
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Trains, Trams, Buses, and Taxis – Observations from Germany

Hi, I’m Rich Miller, UConn’s Director of Environmental Policy. This summer, I traveled to Germany on a grant from UConn’s Office of Global Programs, and spent two weeks in Freiburg, comparing and contrasting aspects of environmental sustainability at Albert Ludwig University (‘Freiburg Uni’) with similar sustainability initiatives at UConn. At first, mass transit in Germany… continue reading
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