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Scholars Highlight Gaps in Research About Women and Girls of Color in STEM and Public Health Fields

The Collaborative identifies gaps in and furthers our understanding on issues of race and identity for women, trans and gender diverse people, and girls of color.

a portrait of Akiko Nishiyama.

Akiko Nishiyama Explains the Many Strengths of a Degree in Physiology and Neurobiology

The new department head of physiology and neurobiology combines her background in medical training and scholarly research to lead students into the future of biomedical research.

A portrait of Mohamad Alkadry.

Mohamad Alkadry Inducted into National Academy of Public Administration

The professor and department head of public policy joins some 940 current fellows in the national association.

A portrait of Tracy Frank in front of a map.

Tracy Frank Studies Earth’s Climate through Ancient Rocks, with an Eye to the Future

Under the guidance of a new department head, UConn's geosciences program aims to teach Earth sciences in the context of the Human Epoch, preparing tomorrow's geoscientists to solve future problems.

A portrait of Amy Gorin

Amy Gorin Receives Connecticut Psychological Association Award

The award recognizes Gorin’s accomplishments and contributions to the psychological sciences.

Micki McElya, professor of history.

Micki McElya Awarded a Public Scholars Fellowship to Explore the 1968 Miss America Pageant

The award will enable McElya to work on her forthcoming book exploring two foundational protests during the 1968 Miss America Pageant.

A collage with portraits of each of the new CLAS faculty hires.

New Faculty Bring Antiracism and the Environment to the Forefront

New CLAS faculty will work across disciplines to advance Antiracism and Human Interactions with the Environment.

Marie Shanahan poses for a portrait in a classroom with computer screens.

Marie Shanahan Prepares to Lead UConn’s Journalism Department into a New Era of News

Under the guidance of a new department head, UConn’s journalism program is preparing students to stay ahead of the rapidly changing news industry.

Carolyn Teschke smiles for a portrait in a UConn building.

UConn Virus Expert Carol Teschke Awarded Fulbright Scholarship to Study in the UK

Teschke will spend four months at the University of York studying the geometry and evolution of a type of virus that could help develop antivirals.

A student at BRAIN Camp, mixes corn starch and water to make oobleck during a camp activity.

Five Weeks at B.R.A.I.N. Camp Could Give Kids a Brighter Future 

Fun activities, new friends, and EEG scans are all part of helping kids overcome learning difficulties at B.R.A.I.N. Camp.