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Andrew Deener, assistant professor of Sociology (Daniel Buttrey/UConn Photo)

Sociologist Studies How Residents of Venice, Calif. Cope with Diversity

From boardwalk to businesses, homeless shelters to havens for the wealthy, Venice, Calif. is a carnival of diversity. Andrew Deener studies how its residents cope.

Alumna’s Bequest will Support Grad Students in Biostatistics

The late Elizabeth Macfarlane ’39 (CLAS) pioneered a path in biostatistics and public health over her long career. Her bequest to UConn affirms her vision.

Professor emeritus David Kenny. (Daniel Buttrey/UConn Photo)

Professor Emeritus to Receive Highest Award in Social Psychology

David Kenny will receive the highest award in his field, for his contributions to research on social interaction and 'person perception.'

Christine Reardon in her office at the Torrington campus with Chinese Characters and books about East Asia. (Cindy Weiss/UConn Photo)

Tokyo to Torrington: Asian Studies in Connecticut’s Northwest Corner

A historian at the Torrington campus is leading a public discussion of Japanese culture this summer as part of her focus on the Far East.

Repairing fishing nets, after fishing the journey.

A New Voice on the Fishery Council

The New England Fishery Management Council tackles controversial issues such as catch limits and how to manage a dwindling resource. UConn historian Matt McKenzie brings a cultural and historical perspective to the table.

Cliffs and coastal landscape on Martha's Vineyard (Wikimedia Commons Photo)

Climate Change on Martha’s Vineyard

A UConn graduate student used GIS data to project what could happen on Martha’s Vineyard if sea levels rise dramatically.

Kent Holsinger, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. (Daniel Buttrey/UConn Photo)

Distinguished Professor Kent Holsinger Uses Statistical Models to Analyze Genetic Data

Biologist Kent Holsinger has evolved, just like his subject. His many roles include blogging and advocating for open-access publishing.

Teacher talking with little girl.

Language Researchers Awarded $3M IGERT Grant

How do humans develop and learn language? UConn researchers have won an NSF ‘IGERT’ grant to train a new generation of scientists to answer that question.

3D illustration of lungs

Breaking Down How We Breathe

Physiology and neurobiology professor Daniel Mulkey studies something most of us don’t think about – how we breathe.

Doors with bicycle, Varanasi, India. (Wikimedia Commons)

The Bike Path to Secondary Education

Can a bicycle keep a girl in school? A UConn economist is studying whether a bike incentive used in rural Bihar, India can do just that.