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Freedom with a Capital F: The CLAS Dean Interviews Stanley Fish

Jeremy Teitelbaum and New York Times columnist Stanley Fish discuss practical issues stemming from the idea that faculty should have freedom to teach and research what they want to.

Antietam, Md., Confederate dead at Bloody Lane. (Wikimedia Commons, photo from' Civil War Images. Plate of Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the War,' Vol. 1, Philp & Solomons Publishers, Washington, D.C. (1866))

Antietam: A Civil Catastrophe

Reflections on the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, from CLAS dean Jeremy Teitelbaum.

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Massively Online Open Courseware – Massively Off Course?

The dean of CLAS mulls the prospects of a hot trend in higher education.

Provost Peter Nicholls' retirement party

The Provost Academical

The dean of CLAS offers an operatic version of the life and times of UConn’s outgoing provost, Peter J. Nicholls.

Woman reading book with cup of coffee.

Hungry for Another Good Book?

As UConn Reads wraps up for the year on campus, the dean of CLAS picks up on another book that’s already creating a buzz.

The Basic Math of Politics

Mathematics everyone should understand.

The Drum Major Instinct

It takes chutzpah to tinker with Martin Luther King’s words.

Too Much of Anything Can Be A Bad Thing

Even critical thinking has its dark side.

Einstein’s Equal

Even helping win WWII didn't protect Alan Turing from British government homophobia, says the dean of CLAS.

It’s Hard to be Funny as Dean: A CLAS Sing-Along Blog

This Thanksgiving I had a creative moment thinking about my former satirical (or maybe just more satirical) self before I became dean of CLAS. This is the result.   It’s Hard to Be Funny as Dean (to the tune of “Acres of Clams” aka “Rosin Le Beau”) To hear the song (and sing along), click […]