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UConn Named to Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute

The initiative aims to increase small manufacturers’ use of robots by 500 percent. UConn researchers will focus on aerospace & shipbuilding robots.

Dr. Ali Bazzi: Lightning Rod for Power and Energy Education

Dr. Ali Bazzi is leading UConn's movement to reinvigorate and modernize power engineering education. An expert in power electronics, electric machines, and electric drives technologies that transform renewable energy into usable power for the commercial electric grid, Dr. Bazzi has established the Advanced Power Electronics & Electric Drives Lab ...

MTAP Enables Industry-Academic Alliances

Four small Connecticut companies are partnering with UConn engineering faculty members and staff to advance their manufacturing processes, thanks to a special program established by UConn's Office of Economic Development called the Manufacturing Technical Assistance Program (MTAP).

Professor Anson Ma takes the Shinkansen (high-speed train) from Tokyo to Kyoto, during a five-day trip to Japan as part of the Young Scientist Exchange. (Photo courtesy of Anson Ma)

Young Scientist Exchange Takes UConn Researcher to Japan

Engineering professor Anson Ma recently took part in a prestigious U.S.-Japan science diplomacy-style program.

Professor Jeffrey McCutcheon in the studio. (Chris LaRosa/UConn Photo

'Science Friction' Brings Scientific Debates to a Public Audience

Engineering professor Jeffrey McCutcheon hosts a weekly radio show that targets scientific controversies.

Pratt & Whitney Chair professor Robert Gao, second from left, with (left to right) Zhaoyan Fan, assistant research professor of mechanical engineering, and Ph.D. students Peng Wang and Jinjiang Wang, with a drivetrain prognostic simulator. (Chris LaRosa/UConn Photo)

Engineering Team Awarded NSF Grant for Academic Liaison with Industry

A team led by Pratt & Whitney Chair Professor Robert Gao will conduct research to improve spare parts inventory management in the aircraft industry.

Jeffrey McCutcheon, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering. McCutcheon’s lab specializes in making nanofiber nonwovens (pictured here) through a process called electrospinning. These materials have applications in water treatment, energy production, sensors and tissue engineering. (Chris LaRosa/UConn Photo)

UConn Engineering Researcher Among Handful Selected as ‘DuPont Young Professor’

Jeffrey McCutcheon is one of 14 faculty worldwide to receive the award, based on his water filtration research.

Anson Ma, assistant professor of chemical engineering in the lab on Nov. 29, 2012. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Engineer has NSF EAGER Award to Study Nanoparticle Flow in Bloodstream

Anson Ma's research will help determine whether nanoparticles can improve the delivery of cancer-fighting drugs to tumors.

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