Close up shot of carbon gel with the video title 'Carbon Gel Capture' overlayed

CO2 Removal Research

UConn researchers are exploring CO2 removal as a way to foster a healthier environment

A group of residents of a town in the Dominican Republic meet with a medical provider from UConn Health.

Providing Care Beyond Borders

Spearheaded by a UConn Health medical student, more than 30 medical providers brought specialty and primary care to residents of the Dominican Republic

Jeff Morse shows UConn Health orthopedic surgeon Robert Arciero his pickleball medal

Pickleball Champ Credits UConn Health for Success

UConn Health orthopedic surgeon Robert Arciero and his team rebuilt and stabilized Morse's knee which he says has helped him achieve his pickleball success

Rubens' Tube with the video title above it

A Trumpet, Fire, and Physics

In the case of a recent viral video of a trumpeter playing into a tube that’s on fire, making the flames dance higher and lower in time to the music, we asked experts at UConn to explain just how the device – called a Rubens’ tube – worked

Man in lab

Students Help Keep Humans and Animals Safe in Unique Lab

Students working in the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (CVMDL) serve the public, industry, and government agencies

Two researchers in the lab working on 3D printing

Science in Seconds: Handheld 3D Bioprinters to Treat Musculoskeletal Injuries

The new technology will simplify the process and greatly reduce surgical time

The city of Lviv, located in western Ukraine

Conflict and Commerce: A Journey to Support Founders in Ukraine

'In newly liberated cities, the business returns within days. The cities recover their shops, their supply chains, and people return to work'

Historic photo of produce at UConn alongside the text of the video "Reestablishing UConn's Fruit Orchard"

Reestablishing UConn’s Fruit Orchards

After a decades-long hiatus, Evan Lentz '19 '22 (CAHNR) is reviving UConn’s fruit orchards

Jason Chang and Karen Lau ‘25 (CLAS)

CLAS Connections: Jason Chang and Karen Lau ’25 (CLAS)

Five heartfelt minutes with Director of the Asian and Asian American Studies Institute and Professor of History Jason Chang and undergraduate student Karen Lau ’25 (CLAS)

Close up of a mushroom with the title 'Mushroom Surfboards' overlaying it

Surf’s Up! Using Mushrooms to Make a More Sustainable Surfboard

Protecting the oceans one mushroom surfboard at a time