College of Engineering

A model of metal joint replacements in a human knee.

Researchers Heal Heavy Metal Poisoning from Implants

Breakthrough could be boon for those with hip or knee replacements

Research Team

Laying the Foundation for Carbon Dioxide Reduction

A team of UConn researchers is working to achieve carbon neutrality through a process called electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction.

UConn Engineering Leila Daneshmandi, Audrey Larson, Leslie Shor, and Fei Dou

Leading Technology and Innovation

The UConn College of Engineering is committed to supporting women in their engineering fields.

After the EPA released its exciting testing results about the power of D-I-Y air filters, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz took a celebratory photo with 5th graders at Macdonough Elementary School in Middletown, Conn. along with State Sen. Matt Lesser, and researchers from the EPA and UConn's Indoor Air Quality Initiative.

EPA Testing Shows the Power of DIY Air Filters to Trap Viruses

The results are in: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency research testing of do-it-yourself ‘Corsi-Rosenthal Box’ indoor air filters shows they are 99% effective in removing airborne virus. The 'Owl Force One' device tested by the EPA was built by UConn Indoor Air Quality Initiative researchers with Middletown, Connecticut public school children.

Students planting a tree

Action-oriented Symposium Connects Researchers to Encourage Collaboration for a Sustainable Environmental Future

'We have heard these wonderful talks, now what are we going to do? The time for action is now'

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Thanh Nguyen (right) and graduate student Tra Vinikoor (left).

Gel Repairs Cartilage Without Surgery, With Electricity

Instead of requiring surgery to insert a solid scaffold, the gel could be simply injected into the knee, a much less invasive procedure

Rubens' Tube with the video title above it

A Trumpet, Fire, and Physics

In the case of a recent viral video of a trumpeter playing into a tube that’s on fire, making the flames dance higher and lower in time to the music, we asked experts at UConn to explain just how the device – called a Rubens’ tube – worked

After nearly 20 years of being out of commission, UConn’s East Road Observatory is back up and running

A Team Effort is Giving New Life to a Classic Observatory

'Getting the facility back up and running has been an amazing and rewarding experience. This will be a force for good in the department and at the University'

A fallen tree on a vehicle which brought down power lines on Comstock Hill Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut during Hurricane Sandy on October 30, 2012.

How Ready is Your Town? UConn Researchers Help Coastal Towns Prepare for the Next Storm in a Changing Climate

'We want to make everybody in the community feel safe in a way that is affordable'

Emily Wicks, Gary Wolff, and Sandy Chafouleas pose with the $25,000 check following the Wolff New Venture Competition. Wicks and Chafouleas are the founders of Feel Your Best Self, which won the top award. Photo by Alex Syphers/Defining Studios

Wolff Entrepreneurship Competition Crowns Startup That Brings Emotional-Coping Skills to Elementary-Age Kids

The Wolff competition awarded almost $60,000 in funds for UConn-affiliated startups