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UConn Law Professor Sara Bronin

Conference Explores the Future of Historic Preservation

Preservationists gathered Oct. 16 on the historic campus of UConn School of Law to chart the future of Connecticut’s historic cities, towns, mill villages and rural landscapes. They assembled at a day-long conference, “Old Roots / New Routes,” sponsored by the Center for Energy & Environmental Law at UConn School of Law and the Connecticut […]

State Supreme Court Visits UConn Law

The Connecticut Supreme Court brought a question of marital privilege in a murder case and another about real estate recording fees to UConn School of Law on Wednesday. The session was part of the Judicial’s Branch’s “On Circuit” program, established to educate the public, especially students, through live court proceedings outside the courthouse. After oral […]

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Dying with Dignity: The Legal Landscape

As California legalizes assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, a UConn Law professor explains the legal issues involved.

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UConn Law Professors File Brief with U.S. Supreme Court

The brief offers expert information relevant to an appeal by Tyson Foods that could affect the future of class action suits.

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Privacy, Security, and the Legacy of 9/11

A UConn privacy law expert discusses how legal and policy changes after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 have affected personal privacy in the U.S.

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Affordable Care Act in the Balance

UConn Law professor John Cogan discusses the Supreme Court case challenging the Act, saying that it had the potential to cause chaos in many states' health insurance markets.

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New Graduate Program Combines Educational Leadership, Law

The program will prepare professionals to manage the wide variety of legal issues that school administrators face.

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Redistricting Case Could Disrupt State Election Laws

A lawsuit now before the Supreme Court has the potential to disrupt election laws across the country, says a UConn Law professor.

Patchwork of Privacy Laws Surround Office Email

Sachin Pandya of UConn Law discusses workplace privacy and the rights of employers and employees.

FCC to Consider ‘Net Neutrality’

Will high speed internet service providers join the ranks of public utilities?