School of Pharmacy

MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria. (SCIEPRO/Getty Images)

UConn Researchers Kill MRSA with Tailored Chemistry

UConn medicinal chemists have developed experimental antibiotics that kill the often deadly bacteria MRSA.

Royce Mohan (seated) and Paola Bargagna-Mohan are part of a team of UConn researchers developing an imaging technique that will signal problems in blood vessels near the eye that could lead to vision loss. (Janine Gelineau/UConn Health Photo)

Eyeing Early Detection of Precursor to Blindness

UConn scientists are working with a biomarker to enable earlier detection of a condition that leads to age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the U.S.

A pharmacist sits with a patient in the consultation area and discusses her prescription. (iStock Photo)

New Website Connects Mental Health Patients and Pharmacists

A UConn faculty member led the recent effort to launch a website with a searchable directory of more than 850 mental health pharmacies.

A candle burning.

Medicinal Chemistry Professor Amy Anderson Dies

Anderson was head of the pharmaceutical sciences department, a dedicated educator and mentor, and a talented researcher in the field of drug design.

Photo of an intoxicated female dancing at a nightclub and high on drugs or drunk on alcohol. Her make up is smeared like a junkie. She is either a drug addict or an alcoholic. (iStock Photo)

Summer Concerts and Party Drug a Dangerous Mix

A UConn pharmacy expert discusses the dangerous side effects of an illicit drug known as 'bath salts.'

Pharmacy students learning to take blood pressure readings.

Alumnus Donates Vital Equipment to Pharmacy Students

Professionalism is one thing Jerry Koblin, a UConn pharmacy alumnus and current member of the School of Pharmacy Advisory Board, knows a good deal about. After graduating in 1960, Koblin ran his family’s pharmacy, aptly named Koblin’s, in Nyack, New York until his retirement in 2013. Beyond that, he has been a member and president of many New York pharmacists' groups, drug distributors, and boards of directors. Koblin’s commitment to professionalism was one reason he gave a professional stethoscope to each member of this year’s Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Studies

A young pig about to receive an injection. (iStock Photo)

UConn Professor Calls for Limiting Antibiotic Use in Farm Animals

A UConn professor discusses efforts by a national pharmacists group to curtail the use of antibiotics in healthy farm animals in light of growing antibiotic resistance.

Pharmacy dean James Halpert, with members of his research team. (Elizabeth Anderson/UConn Photo)

The Right Chemistry for Career Achievement

Early in his career, pharmacy dean James Halpert combined his passions and it proved to be the right mix. He will soon be recognized with a career achievement award.

A pharmacist holding a syringe. (iStock Photo)

Pharmacists Working to Combat Opioid Overdose

The UConn School of Pharmacy is helping train pharmacists to prescribe naloxone, an opioid overdose antidote.

Still life photo of pills and pill bottles. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Long-term Prescription Needed to Solve Drug Shortages

Pharmacy professor C. Michael White says the solution to drug shortages lies in building up the supply chain, not rationing.