College of Agriculture, Health & Natural Resources

Elderly people and UConn students exercising

Exercise Class for People with Parkinson’s Disease Celebrates 10 Years

Since 2012, UConn and UConn Health physical therapists have hosted a weekly class to help people with Parkinson’s disease improve quality of life through movement

New Paper Presents Multifaceted View of Land Change through the Lens of Remote Sensing

A new paper by a group of UConn researchers represents an effort to overcome communication challenges and provide a new framework in the emerging field of land change science.

The Road(side) to a Thriving Native Ecosystem

UConn researchers are launching a project to plant native plant species along New England roadsides to support pollinators and biodiverse ecosystems.

A river flowing through a forest in the springtime.

Knowledge is Flowing: Connecting the Dots and Chipping Away at Modeling Uncertainty

'These two fields don't talk to each other much, but they can really help each other out'

Meet the Researcher Mingyu Qiao, Nutritional Sciences

Mingyu Qiao, an accomplished researcher and entrepreneur, joins the Department of Nutritional Sciences as an assistant professor of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Asian man poses with hydroponic technology called GREENBOX

UConn Researcher Invents ‘Plant Factory’ for Urban Agriculture

GREENBOX can grow high-quality food in existing indoor urban spaces and meet the need for local, sustainable food

An athletic trainer attends to an injured football player. (Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s Time to Save All Athletes: Korey Stringer Institute on Player Safety after Damar Hamlin Emergency

On-site athletic trainers, emergency action plans, and other life-saving resources are needed to keep athletes safe

A pair of hands at work in the cheese making process.

Protective Bacterial Cultures Offer Promising Path for Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella in Food

UConn researchers tackle a major challenge in food safety - drug-resistant "superbugs"

Woman checks cannabis plants in greenhouse

Less Space, More Plants: How Retipping Improves Efficiency in Cannabis Cultivation

According to a new study from UConn researchers, the novel "retipping" method yields more high quality cannabis plants in less space

Lightning strikes over a city at night, illustrating the sudden and dangerous nature of so-called cytokine storms, potentially fatal episodes where inflammation-causing proteins flood the blood.

UConn Research 2022: Advancing the Mind, Medicine, Society, and Beyond

In 2022, The UConn Research Enterprise achieved breakthroughs across many disciplines and contributed to important conversations on topics that define the times.