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A cartoon depicting the Hartford Convention (Dec. 15, 1814-Jan. 5, 1815), a secret meeting of Federalist delegates from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, at Hartford, Conn., inspired by Federalist opposition to President James Madison’s mercantile policies and the War of 1812. ( Image)

The Hartford Convention and the Specter of Secession

Law professor Mark Janis looks back 200 years to the time when New England nearly pulled out of the national union.

Zhongyang Li, assistant professor of mathematics listens to a question about measuring teaching effectiveness during the new faculty orientation held at the Rowe Center for Undergraduate Education on Aug. 21, 2014. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Faculty Hiring Plan Helps Decrease Class Size

The University's hiring initiative has drawn thousands of applicants and resulted in the hiring of nearly 300 new faculty since 2011.

Silhouette of smoke stacks smoking up to the sky at sunset (iStock Photo)

Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Law professor Joe MacDougald discusses a recent Supreme Court decision that challenges the EPA’s authority to regulate emissions from power plants.

Adjunct professor Ronald Murphy '83 JD teaches a Trial Advocacy simulation in the Koskoff Koskoff and Bieder Trial Courtroom at the Law School campus in Hartford. (Bianca Slota/UConn Photo)

School of Law Adopts ‘Practice-based Learning’ Requirement for Students

The UConn law school, long a leader in experiential education, is one of fewer than 20 U.S. schools that have such a requirement.

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Protecting the World of Ideas

The Intellectual Property Law Clinic offers first-hand experience in a burgeoning field.

Patent 7,955,128 is Not Just Any Number to Law School Clinic

First patent issued to client of UConn Law School clinic.