Holidays at UConn: Reviving a Hartford Tradition

December 16, 2019

UConn Hartford revives a beloved capital city tradition with carol singing on the steps of the historic Hartford Times building.

The Legend of Jonathan

December 5, 2019

Join Jonathan on his magical holiday journey across the length and breadth of UConn Nation.

Don’t Fry This At Home (Without Watching This First)

November 27, 2019

UConn firefighters offer tips on avoiding the most common cause of home-cooking fires on Thanksgiving Day.

‘UConn is My Home in America’

November 19, 2019

Zekun Jiang ’20 talks about why she chose to come to UConn, and how the University has made this international student feel at home.

Meet Dr. David Ozimek, Primary Care Physician

October 17, 2019

Forming long-term relationships with patients is important, says Dr. David Ozimek of UConn Health.

Thank You, President Herbst

July 18, 2019

As Susan Herbst prepares to complete her presidency, faculty, staff, students, and alumni reflect on the impact she has had on the UConn community over the past eight years.

Meet Dr. Jennifer Ozimek, Primary Care Physician

July 9, 2019

Practicing medicine at UConn Health is a dream come true for Dr. Ozimek. She set her sights on UConn while attending a clinical career day here in high school.

A Growth Industry at UConn

June 17, 2019

UConn is leading the way in cannabis cultivation and research, helping growers meet increasing demand for medical uses and teaching students who will lead this new industry.

Meet Dr. Jillian Fortier, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

June 6, 2019

At home and abroad, UConn Health’s Dr. Jillian Fortier combines compassion for her patients with top-notch skills.

Elemental UConn

June 4, 2019

UConn celebrates the 150th anniversary of the periodic table.

Witnessing Evolution’s Great Truths

May 21, 2019

UConn’s Kurt Schwenk uses high-speed video to fully expose hidden details within evolution and life.