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Pedaling to support the Next Generation of Oncologists

Dr. Victoria Forbes, a Hematologist/Oncologist at UConn Health and an alumna of UConn School of Medicine and Dartmouth-Hitchcock, will be biking in The Prouty this July in New Hampshire to raise money to help educate the next generation of oncologists.

UConn College of Engineering Graduate Programs Ranked Nationally

Rankings continue to be an important measurement of a program’s success and competitiveness, and a significant asset in attracting top faculty and new students

The Hartford Courant

Opinion: Reality Connecticut Faces From Climate Change Unless We Act

Todd Campbell

Neag School Professor Appointed to National Science Foundation Advisory Committee

Todd Campbell will serve a three-year term on the STEM Education committee

dental xray machine with a lead apron

Letting Go of Lead Aprons

UConn faculty behind major new dental recommendation

Bottlenose dolphin

New Model Identifies Shortcut for Understanding Dolphin Health

After decades of research, a group of scientists have found a new way to use blood samples to evaluate the health of an entire dolphin population

Young Black man and woman stretch their legs on a paved trail

InCHIP Award Supports Ph.D. Student Research on Heart Disease Prevention in U.S. African Immigrants

Health Promotion Sciences Ph.D. student Richard Bannor's dissertation aims to address the gap in research on heart disease prevention and immigration status among Black populations.

an escape room

Krenicki Student Building Portable AI Escape Room

Most people who play escape rooms are not there for the puzzles. They’re there for an interactive, immersive experience.

Close-up of a chimpanzee

First-Ever Sequencing of Great Ape X and Y Chromosomes

UConn researchers helped complete nationwide effort to understand ape genome

National Geographic

What is Kratom? The Truth Behind the Popular—and Controversial—Supplement