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The Lower Gunnison River in Colorado, where scientists are testing for the substance selenium.

For Selenium in Rivers, Timing Matters

Researchers have gained new insight into an ongoing environmental health problem.

Digital illustration of the Ebola Virus (istock photo)

Life’s Surprising Debt to Viruses

Viruses were here before we were, and a UConn researcher says they played a major role in what came next.

Students gather on the Great Lawn during the Climate Strike on Sept. 20, 2019. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Q&A: Climate Grief and Our Crisis of Culture

UConn's Phoebe Godfrey locates the growing feeling of "climate grief" in existing problems of Western society.

Tropical path in the fog at El Yunque National Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

When Looking at Species Declines, Nuances and Long-term Data Are Important

How a claim about the impact of climate change on insect populations in Puerto Rico didn't quite match the data.

President Katsouleas talks with students about the Climate Strike outside Gulley Hall on Sept. 20, 2019. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Opinion: A Book for All of Us Living in the Time of ‘The Great Derangement’

Amitav Ghosh's meditation on the inability of contemporary society to face up to climate change is an urgent and timely selection for UConn Reads.

Step-by-step illustration of how burying beetles find homes to start their family.

Beetles Reveal How to Hide the Body

A corpse is a home to the burying beetle, and UConn researchers are learning how this specialist critter keeps its home free of unwanted visitors.

Eleanor Roosevelt acts as a disk jockey for children afflicted with polio. The purpose of the broadcast was to generate interest in a series of talent shows nationwide benefiting the March of Dimes. The children in the studio with Mrs. Roosevelt are (left to right): Florence Krieger, 15; Allen Fox, 13; George Redmond, 9; and Joyce Alexander, 12.

As COVID Vaccines Arrive, Remembering How An Earlier Pandemic Touched a Family

Not all of my insights into pandemics have come from academic research.

Hand with umbrella and rain

With Global Challenges in Mind, Keeping a Decades-long Success Story at the Forefront

The world's success in addressing the crisis of acid rain could serve as a template for tackling similar challenges.

Man with planet earth in hands

A Call to Action for Science

Three UConn researchers are among a group of scientists calling on policymakers and the public to put data and scientific evidence at the heart of fraught questions like the COVID-19 pandemic.

A blurred image of young people crossing a street in front of cars and a bus.

Connecticut Teens Want More Transportation Options

UConn researchers have found that Connecticut teens have few options beyond the family car when it comes to getting around.