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Photo of Brandi Simonsen seated on a green chair by a window at the Neag School of Education.

Positive Behavioral Interventions Center Receives $21 Million to Revolutionize K-12 Education

The Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (Center on PBIS), a multi-institution initiative headed by researchers at the University of Oregon, the University of Connecticut, and the University of South Florida, has been changing the way kids learn for over 20 years – and counting

Lucie Lopez smiles at the camera, wearing a blazer, with her arms folded across her chest.

Meet the Undergraduate Researcher: Lucie Lopez, CLAS ‘24

Using psychology to support the experiences of K-12 students motivates this hardworking researcher

In the foreground, an older woman puts her arm around a young child as they walk together down a woodland trail. More children can be seen running and playing up ahead on the trail.

Trails and Active Living Program Expands Access to the Outdoors

A major initiative from UConn Extension, the UConn CT Trails Program is making it easier for wilderness explorers of all levels to hit the trails

Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo smiles at the camera, wearing a blazer, blouse, and glasses.

‘Talking About Staying’: Groundbreaking Study Tracks Retention Among Women, POC, LGBTQ Engineers

With a nearly $1 million grant from the NSF, Visiting Assistant Research Professor Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo is exploring the experiences of underrepresented students and professionals in engineering

Twenty-six pairs of human chromosomes are displayed on a karyotype chart, with the Y chromosome magnified to show the shape.

Solving for Y: Research Team Completes Long-Anticipated Genome Sequencing of Y Chromosome

Two breakthrough papers published today in Nature, featuring work from acclaimed UConn geneticist Rachel O’Neill and her lab, offer an in-depth analysis of the Y chromosome for the first time

Marie Coppola, wearing a blue scarf, necklace, and purple glasses, smiles at the camera.

Meet the Researcher: Marie Coppola, CLAS

Coppola’s language research with deaf people in Nicaragua sheds light on how linguistic structures and communities are formed

A young person with pink hair, wearing a pink blazer, smiles as she gestures to a poster behind her. Another student smiles at her.

Summer School

Seventy students spent 10 weeks immersed in the world of research and entrepreneurship. At Summer Research Day 2023, they got to show off

In the background, a man stands behind a sheet of protective glass and monitors the operations of a machine. In the foreground, the machine sends off a cascade of sparks.

UConn, Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Sign Collaboration Memorandum

The formal collaboration agreement will link the two institutions for joint projects and funding opportunities

Three UConn CAHNR students smile at the camera.

USDA Grant to Provide Career Opportunities, Sponsor CAHNR Students at UConn Waterbury and UConn Stamford

The CAHNR Fellows Program will connect undergraduate students from UConn Waterbury and UConn Stamford to scholarships, experiential learning, and career training in the fields of food, agriculture, natural resources, and human sciences

Adam Wilson's hand rests on a clipboard with field notes, holding a plant sprig, against a backdrop of brush flora.

UConn Researchers Join NASA-Funded International Biodiversity Monitoring Project

The BioSCape project is NASA’s first-ever biodiversity field program combining airborne spectroscopy, LIDAR, and field observations across South Africa's Greater Cape Floristic Region, home to two global biodiversity hotspots rich with flora and marine species found nowhere else on Earth