College of Engineering

Circuitry superimposed over electrical pylons.

UConn Leading Federally Backed Regional Initiative to Defend Electric Grid from Cyberattack

CyberCARED will take UConn’s cybersecurity research and development into a new domain

UConn Engineers Without Borders group

UConn’s Engineers Without Borders Hosts Northeast Regional Conference

Students learned how other EWB chapters in the Northeast are helping communities around the world solve problems

graduate students

Graduate Students Share Research, Network with Peers at UConn’s Sustainability Summit

The inaugural summit, hosted by the College of Engineering's Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2), brought together students from various disciplines within C2E2 and across at least five engineering departments and schools

Solid oxide fuel cell units

Gift of Fuel Cell Units Enhances UConn’s Clean Energy Commitment

Eight solid oxide fuel cell units will be donated to the Center for Clean Energy Engineering

Aortic Elastic Fibers

Professor Receives a $3M RO1 Grant From the National Institutes of Health

The research conducted at the UConn College of Engineering is poised to make significant contributions to the field of biomechanics and improve human health outcomes in the process.

Green building with a view of the treetops.

Engineering Entrepreneurship: UConn Students Participate in DOE Contest

These teams are working to develop attainable, equitable, scalable energy technologies and business opportunities.

Department of Energy grant

UConn Awarded $4.5M DOE Grant to Benefit Grid Reliability for Transmission and Distribution Systems

The project team will create open-source data visualization tools to display information about renewable energy sources and distributed energy resources

Solar panels at the Depot Campus.

UConn Successfully Pursues Energy Efficiency, Even As Campus Grows

Despite 1 million square feet of new building space, UConn's carbon footprint is smaller than it was 20 years ago

DNA is an emerging medium for data storage.

Searching for Data in DNA with CRISPR

UConn researchers deploy CRISPR technology to make it easier to search for data stored in DNA—an emerging medium for data storage

The World’s Smallest Basketball, from the Basketball Capital of the World

Laterally, the patterns are about 4-5 um. For comparison, a human hair is roughly 50 um. Hence, the world’s smallest basketball was chiseled here in Storrs