College of Engineering

Usama Sheikh in a laboratory.

Technology Entrepreneurship: Waste Not, Want Not

Innovative brothers create wastewater reprocessing system to help address their native country’s environmental crisis, conserving water and repurposing it for various applications

Entryway sign lit up green for St. Patricks Day and for Sustainability.

Five UConn Student Teams Innovating Decarbonization through a Competition Supported by Eversource Energy

The culmination of their efforts will be showcased at the 2024 Sustainable Clean Energy Summit on September 23

Trees down after a storm, causing a power outage.

Bracing for Impact: UConn, Partners to Improve Grid Resistance

The Department of Energy is awarding two significant grants to UConn, UAlbany, and other partners as institutions lend strengths to enhancing efforts to safeguard communities in the Northeast

Dr. Rory McGloin

Engineering Strong Teams Through Communication and Personal Growth

The Excellence in Engineering Communication Program is helping engineering professionals strengthen their communication and leadership skills and build stronger teams

UConn Announces Newest Board of Trustees Distinguished Professors

This prestigious award represents the highest honor the university can confer upon its faculty

Quantum Seed Grants Are Funding Solutions to Real-World Problems

'We are realizing a faster pace of quantum innovation—and advancing our state’s role as a leader in quantum science and technology'

Worth Repeating: Carbon-Neutral UConn

Clean energy research is a pillar of our academic mission at UConn, and clean energy living is our responsibility to the next generation.

Hydrogen fuel cells - alternative and clean source of energy.

Tech Park Getting Fuel Cell Upgrade

FuelCell Energy providing units to power entire Innovative Partnership Building.

UConn College of Engineering Graduate Programs Ranked Nationally

Rankings continue to be an important measurement of a program’s success and competitiveness, and a significant asset in attracting top faculty and new students

an escape room

Krenicki Student Building Portable AI Escape Room

Most people who play escape rooms are not there for the puzzles. They’re there for an interactive, immersive experience.