Community Impact

Long COVID word cloud on a white background.

Clearly Defining ‘Long COVID’

UConn Health Disparities Institute Director Linda Sprague Martinez contributes to consensus definition

UConn Health campus in Farmington, Connecticut. (Bret Eckhardt and Angelina Reyes/UConn)

GreenerGov CT Awards UConn Health for its Sustainability Efforts

UConn Health has been honored with the 2024 Innovation Award from GreenerGov CT, a special distinction recognizing its exceptional public sector sustainability innovation.

Celebrating Juneteenth Through Good Food

The week of Juneteenth UConn Health's Chefs will be celebrating freedom and America’s Second Independence Day with their very own special food menu offerings.

A gloved hand holds a test tub marked with the characters H5N1, for avian flu, in front of a rooster.

Early Take on Bird Flu

While we learn more, UConn Health’s Dr. David Banach considers general public health risk low, for now

Collection of flower and vegetable seeds in envelopes.

Student-Led Sustainability Projects Funded by UConn Office of Sustainability

The Environmental and Social Sustainability Grants Program, run by the Office of Sustainability, awarded eight student teams working to elevate sustainability in Connecticut.

portrait of four, including two graduates holding certificates

Favarh’s Project SEARCH Graduates 3 More at UConn Health

Internship program prepares young adults for independent employment

Homepage of 4-H Biotech Game

Game On: UConn 4-H Introduces Youth to Biotechnology

A new online game from UConn Extension helps youth build awareness of biotechnology and the potential careers it could lead to

Pride Celebrated at UConn Health

To kick-off Pride Month members of the UConn Health community ceremonially raised the flag on the morning of June 3 with the help of the UConn Fire Department.

Student conducting chemistry experiment in lab

High School Students Get Hands on Experience at UConn Chemistry Early College Experience Day

Students from eight high schools participated in the day-long event, performing a photoswitching chemistry experiment

Portrait of Dr. Hetal Patel and Emmett Sullivan in pharmacy reception area

Improving Equity by Improving Access

Dispensary of Hope at UConn Health Pharmacy makes prescription drugs more attainable