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A white blood cell. (iStock Photo)

UConn, JAX Genomic Medicine Announce Joint Center for Single Cell Genomics

The new center will represent the first JAX-UConn cooperative facility.

Dr. Pamela Moore, director of UConn Health Medical Services at Storrs Center, meets with a patient. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Storrs Center Physician Brings Experience, Empathy to Patient Care

Meet Dr. Pamela Moore, family physician and director of medical services at UConn Health in Storrs Center.

Flu shots are important -- but so is the timing. (iStock photo)

When Getting Your Flu Shot, Timing is Everything

Pharmacies are already advertising the influenza vaccine. But if you think it’s a little early to be getting a flu shot – you’re right.

Prescription medication spilling from an open bottle onto a white textured table top.

A Pharmacist Explains Why Drugs Cost So Much

UConn's Lisa Holle explains how prescription drug prices are set and discusses some of the efforts to rein them in.

Delirium Shows its Signature

Researchers have developed a new blood test that can detect and help prevent delirium in the elderly.

Schoolboys bullying a peer at school.

Child Bullies Most Often Pick on Others for ‘Being Fat’

A study led by a UConn researcher found that in four different countries, 'being fat' was considered to be the most common reason children are bullied.

In A Word: Transgender Transition Through Speech

Transgender clients at the UConn Speech and Hearing Clinic receive guidance on vocal changes that support their transition.

Illustration of an ear with waves emanating. (iStock Image)

Quiet that Ringing in the Brain

A UConn researcher investigating potassium channels has tested a promising new drug for treating epilepsy and tinnitus.

Two Asian physicians wearing protective masks. (iStock Photo)

MERS: Should We Be Worried?

A UConn pathobiologist discusses how Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is transmitted and whether it could spread in the U.S.

(Photo courtesy of Jan Krátký)

Rinse and Repeat to Remove Anxiety

UConn researchers found the first scientific evidence of a link between anxiety and ritualized behavior.