Research & Discovery

From left: James Rusling, professor of Chemistry, Bhaskara Chikkaveeraiah and Ruchika Malhotra in their lab in the Chemistry building. (UConn Photo / Jessica Tommaselli)

Chemist Improves Accuracy of Oral Cancer Detection

Chemistry professor James Rusling has developed a method to detect multiple proteins indicating that a person has oral cancer.

Cliffs and coastal landscape on Martha's Vineyard (Wikimedia Commons Photo)

Climate Change on Martha’s Vineyard

A UConn graduate student used GIS data to project what could happen on Martha’s Vineyard if sea levels rise dramatically.

Assistant professor Yao Lin is inspired by the elements of nature to create innovative materials. (Daniel Buttrey/UConn Photo)

Bio-inspired Science

Chemistry professor Yao Lin is tapping into the concepts of nature to make novel synthetic materials.

Map showing Long Island Sound.

UConn Marine Scientists to Help Map the Sound

Scientific maps of the seafloor will help to better manage and protect Long Island Sound.

Teacher talking with little girl.

Language Researchers Awarded $3M IGERT Grant

How do humans develop and learn language? UConn researchers have won an NSF ‘IGERT’ grant to train a new generation of scientists to answer that question.

3D illustration of lungs

Breaking Down How We Breathe

Physiology and neurobiology professor Daniel Mulkey studies something most of us don’t think about – how we breathe.

Doors with bicycle, Varanasi, India. (Wikimedia Commons)

The Bike Path to Secondary Education

Can a bicycle keep a girl in school? A UConn economist is studying whether a bike incentive used in rural Bihar, India can do just that.

Land mine danger sign.

Improving the Detection of Landmines

A chemical engineering doctoral student has developed a portable sensing system that can detect hidden explosives accurately, efficiently, and at little cost.

Tasmanian Tiger (Encyclopedia Britannica Inc.)

Genomic Research Sheds New Light on Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

UConn biologist Andrew Pask has shown that the Tasmanian tiger had extremely low genetic variability, probably resulting from its isolation from mainland Australia.

Anna Green is a recipient of the 2012 Barry M. Goldwater scholarship for outstanding young scientists. (Daniel Buttrey/UConn Photo)

UConn Students Win National Goldwater Scholarship and Honorable Mention

The Barry M. Goldwater Foundation supports outstanding young scientists who wish to pursue a career in science or technology.