Research & Discovery

Using Stem Cells to Regrow Muscle and Bone

UConn research could ultimately help patients with degenerative diseases and wounded soldiers.

Fulbright Exchange Brings Overseas Scholars to UConn

Visiting Fulbright Scholars work with UConn faculty in a mutually beneficial academic collaboration.

Measuring Yoga’s Effectiveness

A UConn psychology professor is conducting research on the effectiveness of different forms of yoga.

UConn Researchers Say State is Adding Jobs, But Wrong Kind

A recent report calls for policy changes to focus on jobs that will lead to greater economic growth.

State Grants Pay Off With Key Yale, UConn Stem Cell Finding

A key gene in the development of stem cells has been shown to enhance their growth and survival too.

Hemp Produces Viable Biodiesel, UConn Study Finds

Industrial hemp, which grows in infertile soils, is a potential source of sustainable diesel fuel.

Recovery from Autism

A UConn expert says early intervention can help some children recover from autism.

Student Design Leads to Commercial Product

A product developed by senior engineering students is now on the market.

Developing More Efficient Solar Energy Cells

Alexander Agrios is probing ways to make inexpensive solar cells more energy efficient.

Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans

A psychiatry professor at the UConn Health Center is comparing two treatment approaches for PTSD.