Icon of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger (Facebook's proprietary messaging app) alongside other social media apps on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone's touchscreen. (Erik Tham/Getty Images)

Finding Social Support Through Social Media During COVID Lockdowns

Despite its bad rap, UConn researchers found social media provided support across age groups in Spain during pandemic lockdowns

A crowd of people on a busy city street, some wearing masks and some not.

Human Behavior is Key to Building a Better Long-term COVID Forecast

Understanding how people react to COVID-19 helps improve long-term forecasts about the illness, researchers have found

People wearing a protective facemasks to help stop the spread of a deadly SARS-like virus which originated in the central city of Wuhan are seen inside a subway train in Beijing on January 28, 2020.

UConn Professor: Alert U.S. Executives Sold Stock Before COVID-Induced Price Plunge

Executives with corporate ties to China were quicker to respond in the early stages of the outbreak

Senior pharmacist dealing with a customer, both of them wearing masks due to coronavirus.

How the ‘Test to Treat’ Initiative Aims to Get Ahead of the Next Wave of COVID-19

A promising strategy of early detection and treatment, but a number of hurdles remain in place

Long COVID word cloud on a white background.

Long COVID Leaves Newly Disabled People Facing Old Barriers

Negative attitudes toward people with significant disabilities are common among health care providers, affecting the ability of those with long COVID to get the care they need

The UConn sign on Route 195 in Storrs.

An Update on UConn’s Masking Policy

The revised policy takes effect starting Friday, March 4

A school classroom with empty desks, and illustrations of the coronavirus.

Pandemic-Related School Closings Likely to Have Far-Reaching Effects on Child Well-Being

From falling graduation rates to more students going without healthy food, a range of potential impacts are being examined

Gateway UConn sign surrounded by snow

Robust Testing Strategy Helps UConn Welcome Back Healthy, Enthusiastic Students

More than 10,000 students are now in Storrs residence halls, along with about 400 Stamford residential students and thousands of commuter students at those campuses and in Hartford, Waterbury, and Avery Point

UConn Researcher’s Home COVID-19 Test Comparable to PCR Accuracy, Selectivity

A lab-on-paper platform that uses genetic markers to detect the virus even as it mutates

As UConn's 141st year dawns, the entire University community is ready for the challenges of the future. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

UConn Entering Spring Semester with Increased Entry Testing, Other Precautions

'Our cautious start has allowed UConn the ability to successfully reopen and welcome our students back'