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UConn Senior Works For Diversity and Inclusion in His Hometown

Jacob Lopez ’21 (CLAS) has become a leader in his hometown of Manchester even before he earns his undergraduate degree from UConn.

Five members of the Widows Society, a group that has endowed a fund at UConn Health to help female patients pay for their treatment.

A Legacy of Women Helping Women Will Benefit UConn Health

For nearly 200 years, the Widows Society has been working to improve the lives of Hartford-area women. Now, that commitment is being extended to female patients at UConn Health.

An older woman has a video chat on her phone with a younger woman.

Students Partner With Older Adults to Combat Pandemic Isolation

UConn School of Social work students are connecting with older adults in Hartford and the surrounding area to help combat that isolation as part of a new research project known as SLIP: the Social isolation/Loneliness Intergenerational Project.

Ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy in operating room

A Safer, More Precise Prostate Biopsy

After nearly two years of using a biopsy method known as the transperineal approach, UConn Health urologists report higher-quality prostate samples and zero infections.

portraits of Elizabeth Haskell and Ashley Brennan-McBride, white coats

Committed to Curtailing Sepsis

Nurses Elizabeth Haskell and Ashley Brennan-McBride lead UConn Health’s effort to reduce sepsis risk and mortality.

Classmates hold up Max as he holds up his certificate for placing 3rd

UConn Med Students: ‘Why I Run’

While it may be one of the busiest periods of their lives, an important part of the lives of these medical students is running. Leading up to the UConn Health Half Marathon, 10K and 5K June 4-7, four of them share their stories.

When it Comes to a Stroke Timing is Everything

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a sharp decline nationwide in people seeking care for heart conditions and stroke in particular. These conditions do not get better on their own and emergency care should not be delayed. According to UConn Health’s stroke experts “Time is Brain”. According to Dr. Mason Leeman-Markowski, a neurologist at […]

Woman tying running shoe

Running in the Age of Contagion

Whether training for the UConn Health Half Marathon, 10K and 5K or simply resuming an exercise routine, injury prevention now includes infection prevention.

Young student watching lesson online and studying from home. Young woman taking notes while looking at computer screen following professor doing math on video call. Latin girl student studying from home and watching teacher explaining math formula on video chat.

What We Know About Online Learning

The situation with COVID-19 has challenged many school systems to consider how to extend their teaching and learning into virtual settings from home. Sometimes called “distance learning” because the teacher and the students are not in the same room, this form of virtual teaching and learning has a rich history and several forms. The use of technology, particularly the internet, to support remote learning is nothing new.

UCAPP Change Projects Zoom meeting.

Aspiring School Administrators Present Capstone Projects Via Zoom

Neag School students completing the UConn Administrator Preparation Program (UCAPP) this spring presented their change projects — the program’s signature capstone assignment, in which students identify a need or opportunity for school improvement and work toward positive change — during the 6th Annual Change Project Day.