New London County

Connecticut Sea Grant will investigate contaminants that may pose a risk to drinking water and wildlife.

CT Sea Grant to Address Key Questions About Environmental Contaminants

Pharmaceuticals, plastic microfiber, personal care products and others are becoming more common in water supplies

Sustainability, Community, and Food – Theory Meets Action for UConn Undergrads

Where 'learning by doing' means baking bread, growing vegetables, and working for justice

A photograph from the exhibition showing a closeup of a smiling woman's face in black and white.

Benton Museum Provides Look at Joe Standart’s ‘Immigrant Eyes’ Project

An intimate insight into the lives of immigrants to Connecticut

Throwing Nitrogen Out with the Stormwater: UConn Extension Educator, Team Helps Coastal Communities Reduce Runoff Pollution

A team of UConn researchers is training students and providing coastal municipalities in Connecticut with green infrastructure plans to reduce stormwater runoff

Aiden Barry '19 (CAHNR), lead author of the study, in a drowning salt marsh on the Connecticut coast.

Learning How Salt Marsh Plants May Signal Carbon Capture Capacity

Learning how the composition of salt marshes can predict their ability to serve as reservoirs for carbon

A new method of calculating the flow of water through coastal areas like salt marshes can help residents and planners better prepare for sea level rise and major storms.

A Simple Simulation to Help Coastal Towns Plan for Rising Sea Levels

Knowing how water moves through coastal structures can yield important insights for residents and planners

Beach houses on Lake Michigan, lake erosion dangerously close to houses, half the beach is gone due to high water

Should We Stay or Should We Go? Shoreline Homes and Rising Sea Levels in Connecticut

How strategies to address rising sea levels could affect local taxes, home values, and other factors

A pair of glasses sitting on a folded newspaper. Social work students who wrote letters to Connecticut newspapers say the experience helped improve their skills as social workers.

Social Work Students Turn to Old-Fashioned Advocacy

Clinical social work students learn the power of the written word to advocate through Letters to the Editor

UConn's Peter Auster helped write a new UN report assessing the status of the world's oceans.

UN World Ocean Assessment: The Ocean is in Trouble, but We Still Have Time to Act (if We Want To)

A holistic look at the global ocean offers areas for further study and reasons for concern

UConn Forestry crew hauling pine boards out of the forest

Homegrown Conservation Projects Underway, Courtesy of the UConn Forest

How a couple of fallen trees led to a dynamic opportunity for Connecticut students