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Research Suggests That School May Not Benefit High-Ability Students’ Reading Achievement

Does school matter? Most anyone’s response would be, unequivocally, yes. And yet startling results from a recent research study suggest that, depending on the ability of the student, the answer may not be quite so clear-cut.

A white blood cell. (iStock Photo)

UConn, JAX Genomic Medicine Announce Joint Center for Single Cell Genomics

The new center will represent the first JAX-UConn cooperative facility.

Spiritual Awareness Varies Throughout the Day

UConn researchers collected data on participants' spiritual awareness via smartphones.

A juvenile male Black-throated Mango hummingbird (Anthracothorax nigricollis) extending his tongue after feeding. A hummingbird can extend its tongue twice the length of the bill to reach the nectar inside flowers. Finca El Colibri Gorriazul, Fusagasuga, Columbia (Kristiina Hurme Photo)

Hummingbirds Use Tiny Pumps to Extract Nectar

UConn biologists and an expert on fluid mechanics joined forces to prove their point.

Flu shots are important -- but so is the timing. (iStock photo)

When Getting Your Flu Shot, Timing is Everything

Pharmacies are already advertising the influenza vaccine. But if you think it’s a little early to be getting a flu shot – you’re right.

A woman soon to run in the Falmouth Road Race, right, is tested at the Korey Stringer Institute by Rachel Katch, center, and Yuri Hosokawa. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Keeping Runners Safe in Summer Heat

The New Balance Falmouth Road Race is a living lab for UConn researchers studying exertional heat stroke.

Unhealthy Food Advertising Targets Black and Hispanic Youth

A UConn study finds that black and Hispanic youth are disproportionately targeted with advertising for unhealthy food and beverages.

Biological illustration. (Angelina Reyes/UConn Photo)

The Art of Science

UConn's biological illustrator draws everything from elephants to insects, helping researchers illustrate books, reimagine extinct birds, and define new species of bugs.

BioBlitz: A Race Against Time

During a 24-hour survey of biodiversity on and around the Storrs campus, UConn scientists and the public tallied nearly 1,200 species.

Delirium Shows its Signature

Researchers have developed a new blood test that can detect and help prevent delirium in the elderly.