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The 19th Century Goes Digital

The Hartford Medical Society Historical Library has its first five titles digitized and available for viewing through the Internet Archive. Librarian Jennifer Miglus says the words in the titles are somewhat jarring to 21st century sensibilities: Human Monstrosities (4 volumes) The Pathology of Drunkenness Report on the Condition of the Insane Poor in the County […]

Can Lighting Impact the Food Choices of Finicky Teens?

If you’ve ever shopped at a high-end gourmet grocery store, you may have noticed the differences in lighting. Dimly lit in some sections while special lights are focused on products they want you to buy. The food industry has been doing this kind of subtle marketing for years. But what if this same principle was […]

Meet the Health Center’s First Newborn of 2011

Dr. Jay Bolnick delivered the first baby born at the Health Center in 2011. Farmington Patch reports Maisen Kamryn Baxter was born just after 2 a.m., weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces. See the full story and more photos at http://farmington.patch.com/articles/farmingtons-new-years-baby-happy-and-healthy.

Nutritional Supplements – Which Ones Should You Consider Adding to Your Diet?

As we begin a new year, a common resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle which often includes adding vitamins and supplements to your diet. But studies have shown that not all supplements are as effective as they claim and may do nothing to cure the ills that ail you. And since dietary supplements aren’t […]

UConn Cardiologists Uncover New Heart Attack Warning Sign

Health Center cardiologists have identified a protein fragment that when detected in the blood can be a predictor of heart attack. Their research, led by Dr. Bruce Liang, director of the Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Center, is published in the January 11 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. It found […]

January Events at the UConn Health Center

Following is a rundown of UConn Health Center events in January: Nutrition for a Healthy Heart Wednesday, January 5, 2 to 4 p.m., UConn Health Center, Dowling North Building The UConn Health Center’s Healthy Nutrition program invites you on a journey to a lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and healthier weight. This group meets on […]

Fake Pot Spurs Increasing Number of Calls to Poison Center

Members of the public are encouraged to seek further information and report exposures.

Pharmacy Professor Awarded Prestigious Grant for Cancer Research

Kyle Hadden is studying the preventive and therapeutic effects of vitamin D on cancer treatment.

Artificial Antibodies Hold Promise for Fighting Cancer, Other Diseases

UConn researchers are developing artificial antibodies that will deliver drugs directly to cells.

Four UConn Stem Cell Lines Approved for Use in Federally Funded Research

Four lines developed at the UConn Health Center have been added to the National Stem Cell Registry.