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UConn Gifts Clean Air: Over 100 D-I-Y Indoor Air Filters Distributed to Connecticut Community for Protection from Wildfire Air Particles

50 more air purifier device toolkits will be distributed on Friday, June 9 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. outside UConn Health’s Outpatient Pavilion. But you can learn online from UConn how to build your own device with just $60 worth of hardware store supplies and 30 minutes of your time.


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Tom Breen of UConn Communications on the Wayne Norman Show

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Social Media and Duct Tape Are Helping People Make DIY Air Purifiers

UConn Health Giving Away 100 D-I-Y Indoor Air Filters to Public for Protection from Wildfire Air Particles

Today's distribution of the inexpensive DIY air filters on June 8 will be first-come, first-serve from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at the Outpatient Pavilion's ground floor COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. Can't make it? Learn from UConn how to build your own device at home with just $60 worth of hardware store supplies and in 30 minutes.

DNA molecule structure repair, editing and manipulation.

A Potential Milestone in Cancer Therapy

'This discovery is a game changer in developing more effective and targeted combination therapies for cancers such as prostate cancer'

Dr. Danielle Luciano, UConn Health’s Director for Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery, Elise Courtois, Ph.D., an endometriosis researcher and director of single cell biology at JAX and Arleigh Cole Doyle, a patient, advocate and member of the Connecticut Endometriosis Working Group.

First-of-its-Kind Program Supports Endometriosis Patients

Connecticut is poised to become a hub for endometriosis research and innovation with the program operating through a partnership between UConn Health and The Jackson Laboratory

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