Mapping Center cells

UConn Center on Aging to Transform our Understanding of Cellular Senescence in Human Aging with NIH-Funded Tissue Mapping Center Discoveries

The journal Nature Aging has highlighted the new NIH-funded SenNet Consortium that includes an NIH Common Fund U54 Tissue Mapping Center at UConn Health/JAX to better understand senescent cells which underlie aging and chronic disease development.

Dr. Binsheng Wang of the UConn Center on Aging

UConn Center on Aging Postdoctoral Fellow Awarded by the American Federation for Aging Research

Dr. Binsheng Wang is just one of nine postdoctoral fellows to be selected nationally for this prestigious grant award.

Pepper Center Study to Help Seniors Avoid Financial Fraud and Prolong their Autonomy and Independence

Dr. Kevin Manning is accepting participants for a study to better understand financial decision making in older adults in order to help seniors avoid fraud. The ultimate goal is to be able to prolong older adults’ autonomy and independence.

Medical Students Leading Caregivers through Alzheimer’s Disease with a new Caregiver Support Group

During Alzheimer's Awareness Month and National Family Caregiver month we learn about a new support group at UConn Center on Aging for caregivers of Alzheimer's and related dementia lead by our medical students.

Aging, Frailty, and our Microbiomes: UConn Health/JAX Study Findings in Nature Aging

Study shows our microbiomes—the trillions of microbes that live on and within us—play central roles in our health and susceptibility to different diseases. And as we age, our microbiomes change too, with important health implications over time.

clinicians looking at orthopedic images

Fighting Fragility Fractures

Fractures in older adults often are related to osteoporosis, and can increase the chances of additional fractures and other health problems that can be debilitating. UConn Health’s fracture liaison service takes a multispecialty approach to treating and preventing these injuries.

Doctors Assess Opportunities Gained, Lost through Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visits

UConn Health's Dr. Patrick Coll, UNC School of Medicine’s Dr. John Batsis, and colleagues authored an analysis of Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visits since they were instituted 10 years ago, finding the one-size-fits-all approach needs an upgrade to truly help seniors prevent disease and live healthier lives.

Not Just Living Longer, But Better: UConn Researcher Studying Potential Therapeutic Targets for Anti-Aging Therapeutics

Ming Xu has received an R01 Grant from the National Institute on Aging to continue his work studying the role p21-high cells play in aging.

Research finds Biomarkers in Older Adults with Late-Life Depression

Major depression in older adults is very common, disabling, and increases the risk of many diseases of aging including Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, cardiovascular and even mortality. Therefore, it constitutes a major public health issue, especially considering the growing number of older adults in the U.S. and worldwide.

Seeking Answers to Optimizing Influenza Vaccines in Older Adults through New Study

The UConn Center on Aging in Partnership with The Jackson Laboratory is seeking participants for an Influenza Vaccine to ultimately understand which influenza vaccine works best for which individuals.