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An older woman sits alone in her kitchen, half hidden by shadows, staring pensively out her window.

For Treatment-Resistant Depression, Two Drugs May Be Better Than One

'Depression is not a normal part of aging. Nothing could be further from the truth'

A hand clad in blue surgical glove holds a syringe and vial of MMR vaccine.

Measles: Harbinger of Herd Immunity Concerns

Connecticut in relatively good position to fight off resurgence, says UConn Health expert

Display of infographic on food access challenges in North Hartford

‘Community-Informed Learning’ Experience for UConn Med Students

Neighborhood activists in Hartford’s North End offer perspective on health equity

Dustin Walters, MD, Section Chief for Thoracic Surgery in the Department of Surgery at UConn Health (Tina Encarnacion/UConn Health Photo).

UConn Health Recruits Leader of Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Dustin Walters has been recruited to the Department of Surgery at UConn Health to launch a new program for thoracic surgical care and to grow it to world-class program heights.

MLK Day of Service: UConn Health Students Improving Health Outcomes for Connecticut Citizens

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2024 UConn medical and dental students gathered to present posters about their project efforts around the state to improve health outcomes for Connecticut residents.

Exterior shot of two-story building

Soft Open for The Brain and Spine Institute at UConn Health

Neurology first to arrive; cranial neurosurgery, comprehensive spine, and imaging to follow in the coming months

Cryo-electron microscopy map of the phosphatase enzyme PP2A:B55 (grey, cyan and lavender) bound to the ARPP19 protein (orange). The enzyme is inhibited by ARPP19 during the early stages of cell division.

Caught in the Act, Floppy Proteins Shape Up for Scientists

Two elusive proteins critical for healthy cell division are profiled by UConn researchers

John P. McGovern Award

Professor Cato T. Laurencin of UConn receives the 2024 John P. McGovern Compleat Physician Award

The award recognizes physicians who have enriched the field of medicine with excellence and humaneness.

Researchers at The Jackson Laboratory and UConn Health are rigorously investigating why vaccines don’t work as well in some older adults.

An important aspect to aging is how the immune system changes over time. Such changes have consequences, and they contribute to the greater risk for severe infections and other diseases such as cancer in the aging population. Researchers at The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) and UConn Health are rigorously investigating why vaccines don’t work as well in some older adults.

UConn Health Minute: Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder pain is a common complaint. There are many treatment options to help fix the problem but for some, the pain and lack of motion will require a shoulder replacement. Dr. Corey Dwyer, UConn Health orthopedic surgeon, explains when a shoulder replacement may be the best option.