School of Medicine

Two instructors leading a discussion with correction workers in a classroom setting

Improving Workplace Conditions: ‘For Staff, by Staff’

UConn Health experts and correction officers advance HITEC well-being program

Drinking Health Danger concept as beer wine and spirits alcoholic glasses and bottle as a medical riskon the human body as cancer or dangerous health care risk of alcohol drinks with 3D illustration elements.

Gut Bacteria Might Discourage Binge Drinking

A team led by University of Connecticut School of Medicine researchers reports that valeric acid, a substance made by gut bacteria, reduces binge drinking in mice.

All in the Family

For the father of three daughters, happiness is the goal Dr. Robert Fuller has for his children as they follow in his medical career footsteps.

Jennifer Baldwin CHA Healthcare hero image

Dr. Jennifer Baldwin: CHA ‘Healthcare Hero’

Connecticut Hospital Association recognizes UConn Health’s director of hospital medicine

Long COVID word cloud on a white background.

Clearly Defining ‘Long COVID’

UConn Health Disparities Institute Director Linda Sprague Martinez contributes to consensus definition

The UConn Health Pulse Podcast logo.

Podcast: BEFAST to Save Brain From Stroke

3 experts from UConn Health's Stroke Center on recognizing, reacting to, treating, and recovering from stroke

Kumbar Team

Revolutionizing Nerve Damage Treatment

For UConn Professor Sangamesh Kumbar, peripheral nerve regeneration could hold the key to a new future in injury treatment and pain management.

UConn Health Selected for Duffy Status Health Equity Project

UConn Health has been selected among 24 health and hospital systems for the American Society of Hematology project to establish new blood reference ranges that better reflect diverse patient populations.

A gloved hand holds a test tub marked with the characters H5N1, for avian flu, in front of a rooster.

Early Take on Bird Flu

While we learn more, UConn Health’s Dr. David Banach considers general public health risk low, for now

Dr. George Kuchel to Serve on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee

Dr. George Kuchel has been invited by Xavier Becerra, The Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to serve on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).