School of Medicine

Julia Levin, is a second-year medical student and new award recipient of the Primary Care Incentive and Scholarship Program at UConn School of Medicine. Her giving back to her Connecticut community has even included the public service of going door-to-door in Hartford to give COVID-19 vaccinations.

UConn Making Future Careers in Primary Care Possible

This Thanksgiving UConn-trained future primary care physicians are sharing their gratitude for the Primary Care Incentive and Scholarship Program. "This program is the ultimate way for UConn and our medical trainees to give back to Connecticut,” shares Dr. Anton M. Alerte, associate dean for primary care at UConn School of Medicine.

Researchers Improve Efficacy and Efficiency of CRISPR Diagnostic Technology

By leveraging a unique, competitive reaction between two different crRNAs, researchers simplify CRISPR technology, making it a more effective tool for sensitive nucleic acid detection

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UConn Health Employees Named 2023 Connecticut Healthcare Heroes

Marina Creed, APRN and Barbara Pelletier, PA have both been prestigiously named 2023 Healthcare Heroes by the Hartford Business Journal.

Aerial image of the University of Connecticut during Fall 2023.

CIPEH Holds Interprofessional Education Welcome Event

Students were able to learn about the skill sets, roles, and responsibilities of the various participating professions and many were surprised with what they discovered

A model of metal joint replacements in a human knee.

Researchers Heal Heavy Metal Poisoning from Implants

Breakthrough could be boon for those with hip or knee replacements

Dr. Linda Sprague Martinez Named Director of the Health Disparities Institute at UConn Health

The Health Disparities Institute at UConn Health is now led by Director Dr. Linda Sprague Martinez, also a newly appointed affiliate faculty member in the UConn School of Social Work.

Connecticut Women of Innovation® Honors Dr. Laurie Caines of UConn Health

Dr. Laurie Caines was awarded for her academic innovation and leadership at the 18th annual Women of Innovation® awards of the Connecticut Technology Council.

After the EPA released its exciting testing results about the power of D-I-Y air filters, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz took a celebratory photo with 5th graders at Macdonough Elementary School in Middletown, Conn. along with State Sen. Matt Lesser, and researchers from the EPA and UConn's Indoor Air Quality Initiative.

EPA Testing Shows the Power of DIY Air Filters to Trap Viruses

The results are in: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency research testing of do-it-yourself ‘Corsi-Rosenthal Box’ indoor air filters shows they are 99% effective in removing airborne virus. The 'Owl Force One' device tested by the EPA was built by UConn Indoor Air Quality Initiative researchers with Middletown, Connecticut public school children.

Dr. Jaclyn Olsen Jaeger portrait in front of window

Society of Internists Invites Dr. Jaclyn Olsen Jaeger

UConn Center on Aging physician elected fellow of the American College of Physicians

UConn Health Nurse Beats Breast Cancer and Reminds Others to Get Their Mammogram

Shannon Egan, a nurse in the Internal Medicine Unit at UConn Health beat breast cancer because she found it early and now she advocates for others to make sure they get their annual mammogram. Early detection saves lives.