Research & Discovery

Connecticut Highways Among Nation’s Safest

An analysis of federal highway stats indicates the roads in New England are relatively safe.

Opera Lovers: An Apt Phrase

Sociologist Claudio Benzecry's research on opera-goers revealed a falling-in-love narrative.

Lyme Disease – Why Do Some Fare Better than Others?

A Health Center researcher says genetic variation may affect the risk of Lyme infection.

Grip Strength Is Good Indicator of Overall Health

A UConn researcher says grip strength can even predict health outcomes.

Telenovelas: Dangerous but Popular Fare

A book edited by Diana Rios finds that Spanish-language soap operas send the wrong messages.

Drilling Down to Predict Earthquakes

A UConn geologist is heading back to Japan to learn more about how major earthquakes occur.

Neag Math Duo Decodes Language Barriers to Math Reasoning

Two education faculty developed ways to help English language learners solve math problems.

Fish Oil May Reduce Postpartum Depression Symptoms

The omega-3 in fish oil may be beneficial if taken during pregnancy, a UConn study finds.

Locating Patterns in Human Proteins

An engineering professor is searching for novel algorithms that may ultimately help combat disease.

Snakes, Lizards, and Tongues

Kurt Schwenk is studying tongue flicking in snakes. He explains why he finds reptiles fascinating.