Brain & Spine Institute

Dr. Keving Becker showing patient a brain image

High-Profile Brain Tumor Therapy Trial Chooses UConn Health

An immunotherapy derived from the polio virus has shown improved survival rates in early-phase trials in patients with an aggressive type of brain tumor known as glioblastoma. UConn Health will be one of a select few sites in the U.S. for the second phase, which will pair it with the cancer immunotherapy pembrolizumab (Keytruda).

The Brain and Spine Institute at UConn Health

UConn Health has brought together our world-renowned experts from neurology, neurosurgery, spine surgery, non-operative spine care, and radiology to offer comprehensive, personalized care at The Brain and Spine Institute at UConn Health.

UConn Health Minute: Understanding Brain Tumors

Cancerous or malignant, brain tumors tend to grow quickly and disrupt the way your body works, and this can be life-threatening. As UConn Health neuro-oncologist Dr. Kevin Becker explains, interdisciplinary collaboration and a patient-centered approach to care is key in identifying brain and spine tumors early and providing the most advanced treatments available.

anatomic image of central nervous system

A United Fight Against Brain and Spinal Tumors

UConn Health, in collaboration with The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, establishes a brain and spinal tumor board to enhance its unique position to provide precision treatment.