Seeing Below the Skin: Advanced Tools to Diagnose Cancer

UConn Health Center offers new technologies to track and visualize changes in the skin.

Marcy Balunas collecting a marine cyanobacterium from inside a large sponge i Portobelo National Park in Panama. (Photo courtesy of Marcy Balunas)

The Quest for New Cancer-Fighting Drugs in Marine Environments

Marcy Balunas, an assistant professor in the School of Pharamcy, has extracted a novel cancer-fighting compound from blue-green algae.

Anson Ma, assistant professor of chemical engineering in the lab on Nov. 29, 2012. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Engineer has NSF EAGER Award to Study Nanoparticle Flow in Bloodstream

Anson Ma's research will help determine whether nanoparticles can improve the delivery of cancer-fighting drugs to tumors.

Cancer and Aging Handbook written by Keith Bellizzi

Cancer, Aging, and Proper Care

The older you get, the more likely you are to develop cancer. A new book edited by faculty member and cancer survivor Keith Bellizzi explores the interface between cancer and aging.

Sophia Nnenna Ononye, a graduate student, with plates of cancer cells on Nov. 7, 2012. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Graduate Student Working to Develop New Anti-Cancer Agents

Sophia Nnenna Ononye, a Ph.D. student in pharmaceutical sciences, hopes her research will pave the way for more effective cancer therapy in the future.

Keith Bellizzi, assistant professor of human development and family studies, in the Family Study Building's Dean's Lounge on Feb. 10, 2009. (Frank Dahlmeyer/UConn Photo)

Study: Despite Guidelines, Elderly Receiving Too Many Cancer Screenings

UConn researcher Keith Bellizzi says data on the efficacy of cancer screenings for the elderly is limited.

Drs. Robert Dowsett, Jeffrey Spiro and Upendra Hegde. Hegde has received support from Richard and Jane Lublin for his cancer research. (Janine Gelineau/UConn Health Center Photo)

Couple Supports Promising Cancer Research

The gift from Richard and Jane Lublin will help fund the work of Dr. Upendra Hegde.

Patient Story: Pamela Lacko on Ovarian Cancer

Understanding Your Cancer Risk

Ovarian cancer survivor and Health Center patient Pamela Lacko took preventive steps to protect herself after learning she was also at high risk for breast cancer.

Engineering Earlier Ovarian Cancer Detection.

Engineering Earlier Ovarian Cancer Detection

UConn researchers are developing a hybrid imaging device for improved detection of ovarian cancer.

Genetic Discovery May Lead to Better Understanding of Cancer

A Health Center researcher took part in a study that answered a key question about genetic mutation.