Middlesex County

Researchers Hone Our Ability to Map Storm Flooding

September 16, 2019

UConn researchers developed a radar satellite-based mapping technique that will improve the ability of forecasters to more accurately predict the inundated area caused by future storms. 

Occupational Illnesses in Connecticut Decrease

September 2, 2019

The most recent data available indicate workplace-related illnesses have gone down in Connecticut, according to UConn Health experts.

UConn Steers the Way to Shellfish Farms

August 29, 2019

Connecticut’s coastline hosts a growing aquaculture industry, which UConn Extension educators promote alongside farmers of oysters, clams, fish, and seaweeds.

Former Alumni Association President Elected to Board of Trustees

August 19, 2019

‘My hope is that I can be a voice for the alumni and be part of the process of ensuring the vitality of our University,’ says Bryan K. Pollard ’85 (CLAS), member of the Board of Trustees.

Summer Undergraduate Researcher Christian Connors ’20 (CLAS)

July 17, 2019

‘With insects, there is this hidden guild of organisms that are secretly controlling insect numbers,’ says Christian Connors, who is conducting research on insect parasitoids.

UConn’s Key Role in Ensuring Integrity of State Elections

November 1, 2018

Both before and after the November election, UConn’s Voting Technology Research Center will run forensic analyses on memory cards in the state’s voting equipment.