An older woman sits alone in her kitchen, half hidden by shadows, staring pensively out her window.

For Treatment-Resistant Depression, Two Drugs May Be Better Than One

'Depression is not a normal part of aging. Nothing could be further from the truth'

UConn Center on Aging Offers Support for Older Adults with Depression

Depression in older adults is even more complicated than younger adults and should be treated by a geriatric psychiatrist. The UConn Center on Aging offers one of the biggest divisions of geriatric psychiatry in the country.

Can Brain Training Computerized Games Help Evaporate Brain Fog from Long COVID?

UConn Center on Aging and the Department of Psychiatry researchers are working to answer this public health threat question by launching a clinical trial for older adults using at home, brain-training games on computer tablets as a Long COVID patient therapy

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Podcast: Meet the ‘Trauma Avengers’

Some creative characters are part of a UConn Health-led nationwide project to improve mental health services for teens and young adults.

Student, mental health and depression with anxiety, burnout and sad for exam results, fail or mistake while sitting outdoor. Young man, stress and tired and depressed on university or college campus.

Report: Mental Health Crises Spike Among Youth

Suicide related emergency room visits for young people have increased every year since 2011

An older man covers his face with his hands in a sign of severe depression.

Depressed, and Aging Fast

UConn Center on Aging researchers have found that older adults suffering from depression age faster than their peers

Depressed senior man sitting on the hospital bed alone at night, he feels lonely and abandoned.

Mitochondria Linked to Major Depression in Older Adults

'One problem feeds into another, and make what began as a small issue into a much larger one'

UConn Health Southington

UConn Health Southington Teams with Main Street Community Foundation to Pilot Free Parent Group Sessions to Improve Mental Health of Parents and Children During COVID-19 Pandemic

The new Child and Family Development Program at UConn Health Southington is already helping Southington parents cope and to learn parenting skills to assist them and their children experiencing elevated stress levels and mental health needs during COVID-19.

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Podcast: Addressing Alcohol Addiction

An international collaboration of addiction researchers led by UConn School of Medicine Professor Emeritus Thomas Babor is out with updated findings on the social, cultural, and environmental factors that influence alcoholism

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Podcast: TARGETing PTSD

As Veteran's Day approaches, and with the 10-year anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School not far behind, UConn Health clinical psychologists Julian Ford and Rocio Chang discuss post-traumatic stress disorder on the November 2022 episode of the UConn Health Pulse podcast.