A student writing math problems on a white dry erase board.

OVPR Announces Scholarship Facilitation Awards for 2021-22 Academic Year

Sixty-seven faculty members received awards in the current academic year

2022 UConn Health Board of Directors Faculty Recognition Awardee Is Dr. Frank Nichols

“We are exceptionally appreciative of Dr. Nichols’ longstanding service to the UConn School of Dental Medicine. He is the epitome of what any school should desire of a faculty member and his record of excellence in teaching, scholarship and discovery, service and patient care is a model for many to emulate,” said Dr. Steven Lepowsky.

Amanda Bunce, a graduate student in the Department of Natural Resources, inventories trees within the UConn Forest. (Tom Rettig/UConn Photo)

A Windy Workout: Stormwise Prescription Helps Strengthen Trees

Techniques that rely on adaptive silviculture can help trees become more resilient to severe storms

Gun Violence Misinformation Panel Speaks to Creating Informed Policy Debate

The panel, titled Misinformation: Creating a Misfire for American Gun Policy, convened an interdisciplinary group of experts to weigh in on how misinformation shapes gun policy debates and how to combat it.

Katie Hooker, a Barry Goldwater scholarship recipient, in front of a flowering bush on campus

UConn Junior Awarded Prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

The scholarship is the nation’s premier award for undergraduates studying math, natural sciences, and engineering

Grant Provides Underrepresented Students with Research Experience

The program will provide students from across the country with the chance to work in a lab gaining invaluable skills and connections

Changing the Channel on Stroke Treatment: Novel Technology Provides New Path to Prevent Neuronal Death

Lixia Yue’s team discovered that a specific peptide sequence can disrupt the interaction between an ion channel and receptors in our brain responsible for neuronal death during an ischemic stroke

DNA molecule in glass tube in hand of scientist on blue background.

The Human Genome Project Pieced Together 92% of the DNA – Now Scientists Have Finally Filled in the Remaining 8%

Over half of the human genome contains repetitive DNA sequences whose functions are still not fully understood

Sharon Casavant

Nurse Researcher Receives $15,000 Grant from UConn InCHIP to Investigate Inherited Stress in Black Mothers and Preterm Infants

The two-year award will allow Sharon Casavant to examine perceived discrimination, neighborhood vulnerability, and stress among 35 mother-infant pairs

This photo shows sand lance embryos that have and have not hatched. Sand lance have trouble hatching at future ocean CO2 levels.

Under Ocean Acidification, Embryos of a Key Forage Fish Struggle to Hatch

A potential ripple effect from carbon in the atmosphere could have severe impacts throughout the ocean ecosystem