Research & Discovery

Hemp plants in a greenhouse.

How Hemp Could Save Horticulture

and some of North America’s largest carbon-capturing ecosystems

Circuitry superimposed over electrical pylons.

UConn Leading Federally Backed Regional Initiative to Defend Electric Grid from Cyberattack

CyberCARED will take UConn’s cybersecurity research and development into a new domain

Danielle Filipiak and Grace D. Player

Two Neag School Researchers Honored with AERA Early Career Awards

Danielle Filipiak and Grace D. Player will receive the awards at the American Educational Research Association’s 2024 Annual Meeting

Close-up of two people holding hands.

Exploring the Links Between Stigma, Drug Use, and HIV Vulnerability

HDFS Assistant Professor Raymond L. Moody has been awarded a five-year grant to investigate risk factors among Hispanic and Latino sexual minority men

Neighborhood destruction caused by a tornado

UConn Researchers Closer to Near Real-Time Disaster Monitoring

Information that once could take weeks to gather now only takes four days with a new method

Solid oxide fuel cell units

Gift of Fuel Cell Units Enhances UConn’s Clean Energy Commitment

Eight solid oxide fuel cell units will be donated to the Center for Clean Energy Engineering

Laborer in a simulated work experiment

Heat Mitigation Improves Worker Safety and the Bottom Line

Climate change is a major factor in laborer safety. A new study from UConn's Korey Stringer Institute shows how heat mitigation can help keep workers safe and productive

A professor wearing a puffer coat and carrying a handheld instrument kneels next to a green row of crops in a field.

Meet the Researcher: Haiying Tao, CAHNR

Tao’s innovations in soil science and precision agriculture are appreciated by farmers and the USDA alike

The UConn Health Pulse Podcast logo.

Podcast: Bilingual Tool to Spot Signs of MS Earlier

UConn Health Multiple Sclerosis Center director: Overcoming cultural barriers can greatly improve patients' trajectory

A pair of hands holds a smartphone with a screen asking for charitable donations.

UConn Business Researchers Discover How Charities Can Boost Likelihood of Donations Via Smartphone Users

A 'mobile giving gap' is a problem for charities as smartphone dominance steadily rises