Neag School Researcher Testing Strategies to Support Teachers’ Intervention Implementation

Lisa Sanetti is testing the efficacy of PRIME, a system designed to combat the implementation challenges behavioral interventions face in elementary classrooms.

CAHNR Dean Indrajeet Chaubey Wins John Deere Gold Medal

This medal recognizes lifetime achievement in agricultural engineering that produces new concepts, products, art, or science.

a girl working in a lab

Summer Undergraduate Researcher Mariam Zedan ’24 (PHARM)

The need for new antibiotics is crucial as drug-resistant strains of bacteria proliferate

Meet the Researcher: Glenn Mitoma, Neag School of Education, Human Rights Institute

Glenn Mitoma has spent his career studying human rights and helping others understand how they can realize them in their communities

White middle-aged woman in a mask with a grocery cart

The Impact of COVID-19 on Food-Shopping Behavior for Food-Insecure Populations

Differences in shopping behavior highlight another health disparity for lower-income individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic

student working on an equation at a whiteboard

Summer Undergraduate Researcher Sam Degnan-Morgenstern ’22 (ENG)

Engineering major is studying drug transport in solid tumors using computational methods derived from physics

Throwing Nitrogen Out with the Stormwater: UConn Extension Educator, Team Helps Coastal Communities Reduce Runoff Pollution

A team of UConn researchers is training students and providing coastal municipalities in Connecticut with green infrastructure plans to reduce stormwater runoff

photo of john cooley and chris simon in their offices

UConn Professors Tell Cicadas’ Story to the World

Whenever Brood X appeared in the news this spring, Christine Simon and John Cooley were right there with them

UConn Health Researcher Establishing Research Mentorship Program for Underrepresented Students in STEM

Kimberly Dodge-Kafka is establishing a research program to mentor students from underrepresented communities. This work will help promote diversity in the biomedical sciences.

Pain from the temporomandibular joint (TMJ, joint of the lower jaw) might be eased by destroying old cells, according to new research.

Killing Off Old Cells Might Mean Relief from Persistent Jaw Pain

'Senescent cells' resist the body's normal process of removing damaged cells