Paulo Verardi (right) with PhD student Brittany Jasperse (left).

UConn Researcher Develops Successful Zika Virus Vaccine in Preclinical Studies

Paulo Verardi recently published promising results on a Zika virus vaccine.

An older woman seen from behind as she receives the COVID-19 vaccine at an outdoor vaccination center. UConn Health researchers are studying why COVID-19 is so much deadlier for older adults, in a project that will yield insights into the effect of vaccines on adult immune systems.

Study Seeks to Learn Why COVID-19 Is So Deadly for the Old

Research that will provide valuable insights about how vaccines affect immune systems

Helping Change Health Behaviors with the Click of a Button

Valerie Duffy, professor of allied health sciences, has developed a user-friendly, online tool to support healthy behaviors in children and reduce their risk for obesity.

UConn-Air Force Research Lab Collaboration Supports Workforce Development

Project Daedalus, a collaboration between UConn and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is tackling industry challenges using Industry 4.0 techniques. UConn researchers work with companies in Connecticut while helping students develop valuable skills.

Student Patricia Hare at work in the lab.

School of Dental Medicine Reaches Highest Research Ranking in School History

The UConn School of Dental Medicine ranks 8th among all dental schools in the United States for research funding from the National Institutes of Health

Close up look at a section of the UConn School of Pharmacy Building

Quarterly Recap of Pharmacy Faculty Research Grants – FY 2021 Q2

Recapping the quarter beginning October 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020, the UConn School of Pharmacy congratulates the following Departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Practice faculty and their teams for their FY 2021 Q2 research grant awards* totaling $942,819.00:

food chart

Rudd Center’s Schwartz Helps Develop Toolkit For Food Banks

Food banks and pantries need to measure in nutritional quality and not just bulk weight

UConn Researcher Studying Molecular Underpinnings of Disordered Breathing in Rett Syndrome

Physiology and neurobiology professor Daniel Mulkey is investigating how specific potassium channels contribute to a serious Rett syndrome symptom.

UConn Anthropologist Alexia Smith posing in her lab.

For Ancient Farmers Facing Climate Change, More Grazing Meant More Resilience

How changing their lifestyle helped people in an ancient settlement adapt to a new reality

A young woman with headphones sits on her bed in front of a laptop during an online course. For students with disabilities, the shift to remote learning during the pandemic has brought challenges, but also benefits.

For College Students with Disabilities, Communication is Key in Online Learning, Researchers Find

The pandemic prompts a major shift - in some cases, for the better