A younger man holds an older man's hands on a bed. UConn Health researchers have received a grant to investigate new methods of addressing health complications that come with aging.

Training the Next Generation of Health Providers and Scientists in Aging and Geroscience

National Institutes on Aging award reflects the growth and maturity of UConn's multidisciplinary aging research efforts and leadership in geroscience

Silhouette of a person exhaling. Pitt Hopkins syndrome is a rare condition that causes breathing problems in sufferers, and UConn researchers are working to understand it.

Rare Form of Autism Exhales Secrets of Breathing

Research that could one day mean a sigh of relief for sufferers of a rare syndrome

Article Published in Nature Aging Journal Features Work by UConn Center on Aging Researchers

Article documents studies on the biology of aging and longevity, examining aging at a biological level and exploring efforts at harnessing those biological processes to prolong life span and health span.

Flowering cannabis in greenhouse

A Tiny Part of Cannabis Biology Has a Big Impact

Gerald "Gerry" Berkowitz's study on the molecular and genetic mechanisms of trichomes in cannabis is an important first step to unlocking the promise of the plant

Nucleus of Atom Nuclear explode ray radiation light science concept abstract blur background.

Working to Understand the Changing Flavors of Quarks

Up, charm, down, bottom, top, and strange - what does it all mean?

The value of UConn’s research in driving economic development and transforming lives was highlighted Friday in an event led by the National Science Foundation, which supports many of the University’s most critical projects through significant grant funding.

UConn, a ‘Powerhouse in Research,’ Participates in NSF Roundtable

'Science goes into communities. It helps us as a society, and this is the message we have to all bring to the street and to the public'

OVPR Awards CARIC Award to Pharmaceutical Science Project

Associate professor of medicinal chemistry Marcy Balunas received the 2021 CARIC award.

A Dungeness crab scuttling across a boardwalk. The life cycle of the Dungeness crab offers lessons on potential effects of climate change for other species.

Understanding How a Crab’s Complex Life Cycle Will Respond to Climate Change

Research with implications for species under stress from a warming planet

Brain cancer concept and malignant tumor symbol as a neurology and neuroscience symbol of malignant cells spreading inside a human head as a 3D illustration render.

Stress Pushes Brain Cancer Cells to Adapt

Glioblastoma multiformes are aggressive brain tumors with evasive properties. UConn Health is collaborating with The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine to study them, and have published evidence that potentially could provide insight leading to more effective treatment.

The Transformative Scandinavian Trip that Led a Nursing Ph.D. Student Back to UConn

George Goodrich '09 (NUR) worked in paramedicine and public radio before finding his way to nursing — and now has returned to UConn to pursue his doctorate