Research & Discovery

Kristin Kelly, associate professor of political science poses for a portrait near Mirror Lake on September 9, 2011. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Protecting the Privacy of Consumer Records

A UConn political scientist is studying people's concerns about the privacy of their medical records and the implications for public policy.

Kumar Venkitanarayanan, professor of animal science and Anup Kollanoor Johny, a postdoctoral fellow in animal science, with chickens at the Poultry Unit on Horsebarn Hill Road on Nov. 29, 2011. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Waging the War Against Salmonella … One Molecule at a Time

UConn researchers have found a creative way to combat Salmonella using natural food grade molecules.

Image of brain scan.

How Do We Learn to Speak and Read?

UConn faculty and alumni scientists explore the processes of learning to speak and read at the world-renowned Haskins Laboratories in New Haven.

Professor Blair Johnson at his office on Nov. 8, 2011. (Max Sinton for UConn)

Mapping HIV Prevention Efforts

A UConn researcher is using GIS to analyze how environment, culture, and politics can affect the efficacy of HIV prevention interventions.

Photo of nine month baby crying

Kids’ Temper Tantrums Encompass a Range of Emotions

A UConn psychology professor is analyzing recordings of toddlers’ tantrums to better understand how kids manage their emotions and what parents can do about it.

The cover of the graphic novel Think Twice used in researcher Lisa Eaton's HIV prevention intervention.

HIV Prevention Research Targets Critical Population

A new CHIP researcher has won a five-year NIMH grant to conduct a large-scale randomized clinical trial of an HIV prevention intervention she successfully piloted in Atlanta.

UConn Patented Instrument Helps Reduce Risks in Drug Development

A team of faculty and students from pharmacy and engineering has invented an instrument that could help pharmaceutical companies develop new medicines more efficiently.

The Fort Trumbull neighborhood of New London that was the subject of a controversial U.S. Supreme Court decision on eminent domain is now overgrown. (Creative Commons image)

The Economics of Eminent Domain

Two words that can strike terror in a homeowner’s heart also describe the research of economist Thomas J. Miceli: Eminent domain.

Termites at a small hole in the timber of an old wooden table (about twice life-size).Stock image

UConn Scientists Turn to Termite Guts for Clean Energy Ideas

The NSF-funded project will investigate how microbes in the guts of termites metabolize wood cellulose, with the ultimate goal of developing a new approach to biofuel production.

Eric Jordan, United Technologies Professor of Advanced Materials Processing in the lab with the coating apparatus. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Developing Green Energy Technology

UConn engineers are conducting research to develop cleaner and more efficient turbines.