Heard Here: UConn 360

UConn 360 is a biweekly podcast series that aims to provide glimpses into the University of Connecticut from every conceivable angle: research, teaching, student life, history, athletics, and whatever else is unique and compelling. This series spotlights some of the best pieces drawn from more than a year of UConn 360’s existence, offering insightful, in-depth, and quirky (in a good way) coverage of Connecticut’s Top 25 public research university.

Members of the UConn Chinese Students and Scholars Association basketball team pose on a basketball court

UConn’s Other Winning Basketball Program

In this segment from the UConn 360 podcast, members of the UConn chapter of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association basketball team reflect on coming together to form a winning squad.

Students in scary Halloween masks gather outside a tent

Every Day is Halloween for UConn Horror Club

Liam Thomas '20 (CLAS) explains how his love of all things horror grew into a full-fledged student organization at UConn.

A cartoon illustration of two wedges of Swiss cheese

300,000 Ways to Do Time with a Federal Crime

Mike Chase '11 JD details on Twitter and a new book some of the more ridiculous ways to run afoul of the law.

A view of the US Capitol building on a gray and stormy day

Talking Impeachment, Politics, and Elections with David Yalof

American politics expert David Yalof talks about the politics of impeachment throughout American history.

Child molds princess bodies out of clay.

Study: On Screen, Girls’ Bodies are Changing

The bodies of female characters in animated films have changed within the last two decades and the impact on young viewers merits further study, says Rebecca Rowe of UConn.

Walter Woodard ’01 Ph.D. on Oct. 17, 2017. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Telling Stories With Connecticut State Historian Walter Woodward

Connecticut State Historian talks with UConn 360's Julie Bartucca about storytelling, his own history, and what Connecticut residents should be called.

An old photograph shows a group of armed men in front of a rustic cabin

Hatfield-McCoy Feud Carries Lessons for Today

The fabled feud between the Hatfield and McCoy families of Appalachia is the subject of a new PBS documentary, featuring the insights of UConn historian Altina Waller.

Two actors on stage, an African-American woman and a white man, warily eye each other in a backdrop of Aboriginal Austrlian art and scenery

Behind the Scenes With UConn’s Resident Dramaturg

Dramaturgs are often the unsung heroes in bringing plays to vivid life, explains Professor Lindsay Cummings.

The Class of 1907. (University Library Archives & Special Collections)

‘Do Not For One Moment Think We Have No Fun’

Listen to the words of some of the women who attended UConn in the early years reflecting on the triumphs and frustrations of their lives on campus.

The Keney Memorial Clock Tower in Hartford. (Tom Rettig/UConn Photo)

Students Use Modern Engineering to Restore Historic Hartford Tower

Keney Memorial Clock Tower's original chimes are now ringing again, thanks to a partnership between UConn and the City of Hartford.