Community Impact

Traffic jam (iStock Photo)

Engineers Support Landmark Transportation Initiative

As Connecticut’s flagship university, UConn has a significant role in the state's transportation overhaul.

For the Sake of a Hot Shower

A group of UConn students recently installed solar panels in 10 homes as part of a service project to bring hot water to a Peruvian village.

In A Word: Transgender Transition Through Speech

Transgender clients at the UConn Speech and Hearing Clinic receive guidance on vocal changes that support their transition.

Associate extension professor Ana Legrand points out Tiphia on peonies to participants during a workshop in May. (Kevin Noonan/UConn Photo)

Reducing the Japanese Beetle Population

A UConn researcher recommends planting peonies to attract a parasitic wasp that preys on the beetle grubs.

Anson Ma, center, assistant professor of chemical engineering, speaks during the UConn Science Salon held at NIXS Hartford on June 4, 2015. At left is lakshmi Nair, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery and chemical, materials and bio-molecular engineering. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Food for Thought at UConn’s First Science Salon

The UConn Foundation hosted a lively discussion of 3D printing and its potential in the field of health care at a science cafe in Hartford Thursday.

UConn Science Salon: Talking Research Over Cocktails

UConn’s new series of engaging science discussions kicks off June 4 with '3D Printing: Living Tissue to Human Organ.'

An image of peanuts next to blocks spelling out 'wages.' (iStock Photo)

Compensating for Low Wages

A study by UConn researchers examines the costs and benefits of a proposed levy on companies in Connecticut that pay low wages.

Elderly couple walking in a park. (iStock Photo)

Relax. Your Aging Brain is Just Behaving Normally

A UConn communication professor was part of a national research panel that found those occasional memory lapses are probably not cause for concern.

Medicine in the Himalayas Before – and After – the Quake

A UConn medical student who spent last summer providing health care in Nepal discusses how the challenges have been magnified since the disaster.

Fine arts students paint a mural at the UConn Co-op Bookstore. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Student Mural As Much About Process As Product

The new 22x13-foot mural is on the folding wall between the Co-op Bookstore and puppetry museum in Storrs Center.