Dan Hurley Talks UConn Basketball, MSG, and More

December 11, 2019

UConn’s men’s basketball coach Dan Hurley reflects on the journey that took him from a legendary New Jersey basketball family to Gampel Pavilion.

Every Day is Halloween for UConn Horror Club

October 31, 2019

Liam Thomas ’20 (CLAS) explains how his love of all things horror grew into a full-fledged student organization at UConn.

300,000 Ways to Do Time with a Federal Crime

October 17, 2019

Mike Chase ’11 JD details on Twitter and a new book some of the more ridiculous ways to run afoul of the law.

Talking Impeachment, Politics, and Elections with David Yalof

October 1, 2019

American politics expert David Yalof talks about the politics of impeachment throughout American history.

Study: On Screen, Girls’ Bodies are Changing

September 18, 2019

The bodies of female characters in animated films have changed within the last two decades and the impact on young viewers merits further study, says Rebecca Rowe of UConn.

Telling Stories With Connecticut State Historian Walter Woodward

September 13, 2019

Connecticut State Historian talks with UConn 360’s Julie Bartucca about storytelling, his own history, and what Connecticut residents should be called.

Behind the Scenes With UConn’s Resident Dramaturg

August 15, 2019

Dramaturgs are often the unsung heroes in bringing plays to vivid life, explains Professor Lindsay Cummings.

Heard Here: UConn 360

July 31, 2019

This series spotlights UConn 360, a biweekly podcast that aims to provide glimpses into the University of Connecticut from every conceivable angle.

The American Jewish Year Book, a Record for Posterity

July 16, 2019

Emeritus professor of sociology Arnold Dashefsky, co-author of the year book, discusses the importance of keeping records on the Jewish population in America, and the challenges of updating the publication.

The Good Boy of UConn

July 12, 2019

Jonathan XIV answers your questions about UConn’s top dog, with assistance from handler Marie-Claire ‘M.C.’ Meadows ’20 (CLAS).

Exploring the Role of Dads in Parenting

June 14, 2019

Family sciences professor Kari Adamsons discusses her research in areas that include parenting – particularly fathering – and its impacts on child development.