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lder adults, both men and women, exercise together. (iStock Photo)

Getting Older Shouldn’t Mean Being in Pain

Exercise can help combat osteoarthritis pain. A UConn nursing professor is using guided reminiscence to encourage older adults to stay active.

Hart Blanton, left, professor of psychology, and postdoc Chris Burrows '15 Ph.D. study video games with embedded health messages on March 9, 2016. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Virtual Reality Can Deliver Public Health Messages

In a study of video game users, UConn researchers found that virtual reality makes people more accepting of public health messages.

Mark Urban, researcher of ecology and evolutionary biology, holds an Arctic grayling in Alaska.

Going, Going, Gone: A Fish Tale

Mark Urban's research on a key species of fish in the Arctic is a wake-up call that environmental policies need to change.

Susannah Resnikoff '16 (SFA) (Marianne Dashwood) and Bryce Wood '16 MFA Acting (Willoughby) in 'Sense and Sensibility,' adapted by Joseph Hanreddy and JR Sullivan from the novel by Jane Austen. (Gerry Goodstein for UConn)

‘Sense and Sensibility’ Tells Tale of Life and Love

Students playing roles in CRT's production of the period drama must portray characters across the generations as well as the centuries.

Music and the brain. (Christa Tubach/UConn Image)

Music and the Mind

UConn researchers are using fMRI technology to explore the hypothesis that music speaks to the brain in a language all its own.

Entering a passcode on an iPhone running iOS9. (iStock Photo)

What’s at Stake for Apple in iPhone Legal Case

A UConn cybersecurity expert explains why Apple is resisting the court order to crack open a mass shooter's iPhone.

Yu Lei, associate professor of chemical & biomolecular engineering, left, and graduate students Qiuchen Dong and Xiaoyu Ma connect a toxic chemical sensor to a cable in a lab at the United Technologies Engineering Building on Feb. 2, 2016. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Researchers Develop New Sensor to Detect Deadly Chemicals

The new technology offers a highly sensitive and affordable way to detect chemical compounds used in pesticides and toxic nerve agents.

The Hindu monkey god Hanuman at Kovil Montagne (mountain temple) in Mauritius, an example of a religious symbol that may cause people to conform to social norms. (Dimitrios Xygalatas/UConn Photo)

Keeping an Eye on Human Behavior

Humans behave better when they're being watched, but it depends who's watching, a UConn study finds.

A parent using sign language with a young child. (iStock Photo)

Study of Cognitive Development in Deaf Children Revisits Longstanding Debate

In deaf children, excluding sign language in favor of auditory implants may be a risky approach for their cognitive development.

Mark Brand, left, professor of plant science and landscaping, and Nathan Wojtyna '16 (CAHNR) look over grafted Aronia mitschurinii plants at the Floriculture Greenhouse on May 1, 2015. This project was funded by an IDEA grant. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Horticulture Student has Fruitful IDEA

With a UConn IDEA grant, Nathan Wojtyna is helping make the Aronia berry commercially viable.