Research & Discovery

A Better Way to Photo Gray

UConn researchers have developed a new technology to make instant color-change lenses.

Why Fireflies Blink in Synch

A UConn researcher has developed a theory to explain why fireflies flash in unison.

Glowing Squid Thrive in Symbiotic Relationship

Glowing squid help scientists learn about the immune system. They look neat, too.

Investigating the Growth of Biofilms

Leonela Villegas and Jinzi Deng have combined their mutual interests.

Compression Suits Provide Competitive Advantage

A UConn researcher finds that compression suits enhance athletic performance.

Study Finds Antidepressants May Help in Treating Schizophrenia

Study finds increasing use of antidepressants in treating schizophrenia.

Getting Close with Baby

A study of skin-to-skin contact with preemies shows long-term benefits for mothers, babies.

Connecticut Highways Among Nation’s Safest

An analysis of federal highway stats indicates the roads in New England are relatively safe.

Opera Lovers: An Apt Phrase

Sociologist Claudio Benzecry's research on opera-goers revealed a falling-in-love narrative.

Lyme Disease – Why Do Some Fare Better than Others?

A Health Center researcher says genetic variation may affect the risk of Lyme infection.