Meet the Researcher: Brianna Chance ’23, Music

October 15, 2020

Brianna Chance ’23 (SFA) roots her research in the experiences of people of color in the arts world.

Student-Launched Platform Supporting Mental Well-Being with Positive Messages from Peers

October 12, 2020

Two UConn students have launched a social app they hope will make college students around the country feel more connected and supported.

OVPR Funds Five Projects in the Arts & Humanities

October 8, 2020

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) recently announced recipients of the second annual Scholarship and Collaboration in Humanities and Arts Research (SCHARP) Program. SCHARP awards aim to support innovative works of scholarship and creative activities in the arts and humanities that have the potential to transform a field of study, impact the […]

UConn Scholars to Address Issue of Historic Monuments

September 23, 2020

A multidisciplinary seminar via Zoom at UConn will look at the politically charged issue of historical monuments.

Archival Documents, Like Magic, Thanks to UConn Researchers’ New App

September 1, 2020

A new app created by UConn researchers aims to do for hard-to-access archival documents what ‘sharing economy’ apps have done for car rides and food delivery.

Student-Produced Film Tells Story Of Undocumented Immigrant Community

July 14, 2020

A team of UConn students across various majors has competed production on a documentary film entitled “Locked Out: American Dream in Jeopardy.”

Jorgensen Center Debuts Digital Stage with ‘Midsummer Music’ Series

July 13, 2020

UConn’s Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts launches a live, digital concert series starting July 14, 2020.

Spring 2020 Scholarship Facilitation Fund Announcement

May 1, 2020

Through this program, the OVPR is able to provide up to $2,000 to UConn faculty across all disciplines, on a competitive basis, to promote, support, and enhance research, scholarship and creative endeavors.

UConn Through the Viewfinder: Howard Goldbaum’s Campus News Photos

February 12, 2020

A new exhibit at the Benton Museum of Art captures the turbulence of the late 1960s on campus through the eyes of a student photographer.

Keep on Truckin’ with the Art of R. Crumb at Contemporary Art Galleries

February 11, 2020

A new exhibit at UConn features a vast collection of art and memorabilia related to famed underground ‘comix’ artist R. Crumb.

UConn Dance Company: Winter Showcase

February 7, 2020

A photo gallery captures some of the beauty and grace on display at the UConn Dance Company’s Winter Showcase on Feb. 4.