School of Medicine

Thankful Heart Surgery Patient Knows the Power of a Checkup

November 23, 2020

This Thanksgiving Jeremy Wiseman shares his powerful personal story about how a simple checkup with his primary care doctor helped saved his life, along with successful heart surgery at UConn Health. As a result, he continues to live life to the fullest with his family, and is able to enjoy his love of exploring the great outdoors.

Skin Deep: New Psoriasis Center Set to Open Early 2021

November 23, 2020

This story appeared in the UConn Health Journal fall 2020 issue. There is no easy fix for psoriasis. For the more than 3 million people in the U.S. with the common autoimmune disorder, finding the right treatment can take a lot of trial and error. There are many different options to consider to treat the symptoms — […]

UConn Health Minute: Understanding Brain Tumors

November 19, 2020

Cancerous or malignant, brain tumors tend to grow quickly and disrupt the way your body works, and this can be life-threatening. As UConn Health neuro-oncologist Dr. Kevin Becker explains, interdisciplinary collaboration and a patient-centered approach to care is key in identifying brain and spine tumors early and providing the most advanced treatments available.

Great American Smokeout is November 19, 2020

November 19, 2020

The American Cancer Society’s annual Great American Smokeout, a day when millions of Americans are urged to quit smoking and begin a healthier life free from tobacco, is Nov. 19. About 32.4 million American adults still smoke cigarettes, and smoking remains the single largest preventable cause of death and illness in the world. Smoking causes […]

Q&A: The Magic of University Entrepreneurship

November 18, 2020

Abhijit (Jit) Banerjee, UConn’s new AVP of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, talks about the University’s strengths in these areas, and the ways it can become even more successful.

Worms Reveal Why Melatonin Promotes Sleep

November 17, 2020

UConn Health researchers say unlocking the secrets of how worms sleep can help us better understand the science behind our own sleep patterns.

UConn Health Employees Honored as 2020 HealthCare Heroes by Hartford Business Journal

November 16, 2020

The Hartford Business Journal announced its 2020 Healthcare Heroes Awards that identifies outstanding leaders in the healthcare industry who are the epitome of a “hero.” Congratulations to UConn Health’s honorees Dr. David Banach, hospital epidemiologist in the physician category, and Nancy Dupont, nursing director of epidemiology in the health care staff category. “Congratulations and gratitude […]

Pediatric Brain Cancer Research Reveals Potential for New Therapies

November 16, 2020

“We are all very excited about this finding,” says Dr. Ching Lau of UConn Health/JAX and Connecticut Children’s. “The take home message of these findings is that the fusion protein is altering the behavior of the tumor cells by dictating the genes that will be turned on and off. This gives us a better handle on which aberrantly expressed genes to target in developing novel therapeutics against supratentorial ependymoma.”

Q&A – COVID-19 and Older Adults

November 13, 2020

Individuals 65 years and older are more than 100 times as likely to develop severe COVID-19 including the risk of hospitalization or death as compared to individuals under the age of 65.  We asked Dr. George Kuchel, Chief, Geriatric Medicine at UConn Health and Director, UConn Center on Aging what older adults can do to […]

Have Diabetes, Will Travel (for Care and Education)

November 12, 2020

Patient who moved to New Hampshire 15 years ago makes a 200-mile round trip four times a year to continue seeing his endocrinologist at UConn Health.

UConn Researchers Prepare Master’s Students to Work with Children with Developmental Disabilities

November 12, 2020

Many children with developmental disabilities, such as autism, have high-intensity behavioral needs, meaning they require a wide-ranging support system of people appropriately trained to work together to address their needs. Nearly 400,000 students in Connecticut have special health care needs. In the past decade, the prevalence of children with developmental disabilities has increased by 17% […]