The Graduate School

Deer crossing yard in front of well.

White-tailed Deer Bones Give a Glimpse into Connecticut’s Past and May Help Inform a More Sustainable Future

'This contributes to broader discussions about how humans interact with their environment, and that there are ways that we can manage environments sustainably and interact with resources sustainably'

Boy riding his bicycle along the bike lane in an urban park.

UConn Researchers Take a More Innovative Approach to Investigating Inequity in Parks

'While many studies looked at these topics at the city level, I was able to explore the local patterns within the city, not just talk about the fact that there is unequal access to parks, but I was able to identify neighborhoods that should be improved'

UConn Health celebrated its 52nd Commencement on May 8, 2023. New doctors from UConn medical and dental schools celebrating together.

UConn Health’s 52nd Commencement Celebrates Hundreds of New Doctors

UConn Health Graduates are Ready to Enter the Health Care Workforce for Connecticut and the Nation

Nicholas Gonzales and Maggie Ward, both 2023 winners of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, pose for a photo in Wilbur Cross Building

Four Graduate Students, Six Alumni Earn NSF Fellowships

The oldest graduate fellowship of its kind, the NSF-GRFP recognizes and supports outstanding students in NSF-supported disciplines who are pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees

Close up of a UConn-decorated mortarboard

2023 Commencement Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients

Speakers from a broad range of fields and backgrounds will share their wisdom with UConn's Class of 2023

Inaugural InCHIP Dissertation Assistantship Award Supports Public Health Research

The assistantship aims to fill a gap by providing support to graduate students in the social sciences as they complete dissertations related to health

Brachiopod fossils buried in layers of rock.

Learning About What Happens to Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity in Times of Mass Extinction

'These are times of major changes in the environment, and how those changes impact the organisms is relevant to understanding our current environment and environmental changes'

Upcoming UConn graduates Amy and Kenni Zipf pose for a photo in the Widmer Wing of Storrs Hall

Mother and Daughter Soon-to-Be Graduates Pursue Passions for Research and Art

'I'm already coming up with the Instagram caption. It's going to be something, like, "Yeah, I might have graduated college, but my mom got a Ph.D."'

Emily Fabrizio-Stover

Meet the Class of 2023: UConn Health Graduate Student Emily Fabrizio-Stover

Emily is the 2023 UConn Graduate School programs at UConn Health commencement speaker.

Photo of Rianka Roy standing in front of the UN logo

UConn at the UN: One Graduate Student’s Journey as Delegate to a Prestigious Event

Rianka Roy's scholarship first brought her to UConn from India, and then to the United Nations as a delegate on behalf of Sociologists for Women in Society