Drs. Robert Dowsett, Jeffrey Spiro and Upendra Hegde. Hegde has received support from Richard and Jane Lublin for his cancer research. (Janine Gelineau/UConn Health Center Photo)

Couple Supports Promising Cancer Research

The gift from Richard and Jane Lublin will help fund the work of Dr. Upendra Hegde.

Patient Story: Pamela Lacko on Ovarian Cancer

Understanding Your Cancer Risk

Ovarian cancer survivor and Health Center patient Pamela Lacko took preventive steps to protect herself after learning she was also at high risk for breast cancer.

Engineering Earlier Ovarian Cancer Detection.

Engineering Earlier Ovarian Cancer Detection

UConn researchers are developing a hybrid imaging device for improved detection of ovarian cancer.

Genetic Discovery May Lead to Better Understanding of Cancer

A Health Center researcher took part in a study that answered a key question about genetic mutation.

More Health Center Research on Colorectal Cancer Link to Tobacco Use

Researchers at the UConn Health Center are learning more about different types of hard-to-detect indicators of colorectal cancer. In an article published in the February 2011 Expert Review of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Dr. Joseph Anderson, associate professor of medicine, addresses different characteristics and classifications of lesions in the colon that can become cancerous. “The ones we call […]

A Personal Decision – Genetic Counselors Provide Valuable Guidance for Cancer Patients

As the saying goes, information is power – especially when it comes to your health. This was the message that inspired Sandra Naylor to make an appointment with UConn Health Center genetic counselor Robin Schwartz to understand her risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Sadly, Sandra had just lost her mother to ovarian cancer and […]

Pharmacy Professor Awarded Prestigious Grant for Cancer Research

Kyle Hadden is studying the preventive and therapeutic effects of vitamin D on cancer treatment.

Artificial Antibodies Hold Promise for Fighting Cancer, Other Diseases

UConn researchers are developing artificial antibodies that will deliver drugs directly to cells.

Clinical Trials Favorable for Novel Breast Cancer Detection Device

A noninvasive device developed at UConn could reduce the number of breast biopsies.

New Biomarker Technique Could Provide Early Detection for Cancer

UConn researchers are developing techniques to detect the presence of cancer before symptoms appear.