Research & Discovery

Charles Fayal '16 (ENG), left, and Steven Graf '15 (BUS) take a break from assembling their Parrot MD devices.

Students’ Device Helps People Take Meds as Prescribed

Two undergraduates have developed a device that 'parrots' prescription instructions to help people in developing countries take their medications.

A personality test questionnaire, with Tarot cards and a crystal ball. (Yesenia Carrero/UConn Photo)

Friends’ Character Insights Contain Clues to Longevity

Researchers have found a clear link between longevity and personality based on character assessments by friends.

From There to Hear: Locating Sound Distance

Researchers at UConn Health have identified the mechanisms by which rabbits and humans recognize the distance of sound from its origin to the listener.

Jake Exkorn, who recovered from autism. (Angelina Reyes/UConn Photo)

Autism Recovery – Questioning the Impossible

Research by UConn psychology professor Deborah Fein suggests that some children with autism can overcome the symptoms over time and with intense therapy.

Plants Aren’t in Lockstep When Responding to Environmental Changes

A UConn study shows that trait diversity in plants may result from individual responses to the environment, rather than – as is often assumed – being uniform across species.

Bing Wang, associate professor of computer science and engineering, holds a smartphone with an application created to help monitor people with depression. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Smartphone App Could Change How Depression is Diagnosed

The app, developed by UConn researchers, collects data on behavior signs that indicate depression.

The sample of YbInCu4 used in the experiment. (Brookhaven National Laboratory Photo)

Physicists Solve Low-Temperature Magnetic Mystery

A breakthrough in explaining a rare property of an exotic magnetic material could lead to new technologies, from information storage to magnetic refrigeration.

Children and Energy Drinks: A Growing Public Health Crisis

A new study shows that highly-caffeinated, often sugar-laden energy drinks can harm children and adolescents, and supports calls for restrictions.

A couple dancing the tango. (iStock Photo)

Passion for Art May Thwart Pursuits of the Heart

Individuals who share their creativity with their partner are more likely to enjoy long-term relationships, but solo pursuits may keep them single, according to a new UConn study.

Rory McGloin and Kirstie Farrar with a video game on March 12, 2015. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Realistic Gun Controllers in Video Games Foster Aggressive Thoughts

Players who used a gun controller also found the game more realistic, and felt more engaged, according to a new UConn study.